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Tara Rose Coaching
Tara Rose Coaching
Bodywork And Loving Touch
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I see Tara as a “midwife” as I always receive a bodywork from her at the times when I am shedding old skin and coming into a new stage of my life. Tara helps me to birth that new part of me. I can always drop very deeply with her because she impeccably holds a very safe space. Tara has a gift of touching me deeply, reaching those spaces that I didn’t know existed.
 Tsholofelo Monare
Tsholofelo Monare
Awakening A New Body
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Went to Tsholo for awakening a new body series. I greatly benefited from the series. My sleeping patterns drastically improved from sleeping for less than 5 hours to now being able to sleep for 10 hours straight . I learned a lot about eating food that is not only nutritious but also healing. I am seriously considering becoming vegan after undergoing the series. In the series I learned a lot about meditation and it's benefits on how I age and food and mental health . This series is a must for everyone who wants to heal and awaken a new body that ages differently and improved energy. It is through sleeping that we are able to heal . Thanks Gogo Tsholo for being there for me during the series and for your gentle soul.

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