'I AM' The Bridge to Freedom
11 Aug, 8:30am to 12 Aug, 1:30pm
082 309 9798  9 Rose St, Paarl

'I AM' The Bridge to Freedom

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'I AM' The Bridge to Freedom - Re-connecting with your Divine Source

Ascended Masters are perfected Beings, who have reached the Ascended state and they are now assisting us to reach our Ultimate Goal of Freedom, called Ascension.

Only we can free ourselves from our controlling thoughts, feelings, words and actions and to start in this journey, we need the knowledge of our own individualized “I AM”.

This Ascension Workshop
1. opens the door to the fundamental Truths and Laws of Life
2. invokes the Sacred Fire or ‘Cosmic Light’ so that we can live free of we may have created
3. teaches us the Ways of Light, obeying the Immutable Laws and show us how to cooperate with the Elementals and Angels and restore Earth to her original pristine beauty.
4. Explains how our worlds are a mathematically accurate reflection of our past thoughts, feelings, words and actions and now we will learn the tools to co-create a beautiful harmonious future

Presenter Anthea from http://IamFree.co.za
Free eBooks: http://iamtheclassroom.org/
Hard copy books will be for are sold at cost
(as Anthea's offering and service is not a commercial venture)

Paarl hosts for this event:
Diana 082 309 9798 dianasmith@vodamail.co.za
Kindly sms your details to book your seat

Please RSVP to any one of the above Hosts via WhatsApp
or sms so that your place in this amazing workshop can be booked.

Workshop timing:

Saturday 11 Aug 2018
8:30am registration
9:00am Workshop starts till 15:30
Sunday 12 August 2018
09:00am Workshop starts till 13.30

Cost / Pricing: 
R100 donation

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