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The Healing Hands Group - THHG

LISTING > Deep Tissue Massage, Beauty Therapy  in Alberton

Deep Tissue Massage
Beauty Therapy
The Healing Hands Group - THHG offers Deep Tissue Massage, Beauty Therapy, Reiki in Alberton

Gents and Juniors from all walks of life are welcome.

Welcome to a unique All Male Spa & Recreation Centre where everything is conveniently placed under one roof for your convenience.

​You are welcome to come an unwind in a private, serene and tranquil space where you can escape the hustle and bustle from the day to day life, and walk away feeling stress-free and relaxed.

We specialize in assisting clients who suffer from chronic ailments such as; Spasms, Headaches, Migraines and any other chronic condition pertaining to the body.

Qualified experienced staff (Chris Heunis) who has been practicing since 1997 in treatment care, prevention and support of the human body. Book your consultation session today. Included in the 1st session is a 30 minute consultation session where we assess your body and also do a posture analysis to determine if there are any permanent damage to specific areas; i.e: Frozen Shoulder / Rotator Cuff, Carpel Tunnel, Spinal injuries.

We work in conjunction with most Chiropractors within the Johannesburg area and work is done based on referrals from or to them.

**Gift Vouchers and Loyalty Programs / Discounts available to clients.**

Some of the services offered to clients are listed below for ease of reference:


A unique blend of massages offered with special, oils, body butters to revive and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul.

  Posture Analysis,

  Sports Injuries,

  Neck Spasms,


  Trigger Point Massages,


  Sports Massage,

  Shiatsu Massage and many more,


  Body scrubs


  Skin peels - Gentle Enzyme Skin peels done without any flaking or after-care.

Healing & Rejuvenation:

  Crystal Healing,


  Guided Meditation

Skin & Beauty:

  Re-seller for both Hannon SA & Kalahari Products.

  Clients are not only pampered and treated with these products, but they are also available to you to purchase or order at your own leisure.

  If you decide to order any of    the products, we will deliver free of charge if you order more than R 850.00 in total. *T's and C's apply.

Men's Underwear & Garments:

We design our own branded quality garments (hoodies, vests, shorts etc.) and underwear (jock-straps, briefs, trunks etc.) custom made to suite your needs.

These are also available online or can be delivered to your door step Countrywide at a minimal fee.

For more info, please feel free to visit our website or simply download the Booksy App to schedule your bookings, shop online or view treatments, massages and many more.

The Healing Hands Group
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Mondays - Fridays: 09:00 - 18:30 | Saturdays: 09:00 - 15:00 | Public Holidays: 09:00 - 15:00
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5 - 10yr
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Reiki (Level 1) & Healing
Trigger Point Massage
Shiatsu Massage
Posture Analysis
Sports Massages
Holistic Healing & Guided Meditation
Beauty & Skin Care
Swedish Massage Therapy
Life & Relationship Coaching
Offering dependent
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Johan Kruger's picture
Johan Kruger


I'd love to rate Chris 10 out of 10 but we only have to rate with :( As always Chris address problem areas, very focussed and I always feel comfortable with the surroundings, settings and the ambiance created. Buddhas, Candles, Incense dimmed lights and perfectly matched and sequential music to tweak your mood. The music is carefully combined and works in harmony with his setting. Chris you are a gifted man with true Healing powers indeed. I am truly blessed to be one of your clients, thank you.
Pieter Venter's picture
Pieter Venter

What a sublime experience!!

I am so happy I eventually found a masseuse that is excellent at finding the correct pressure points in mutes, to release months of tension in one session. I am without a doubt booking again. Crispy clean facility - most definitely recommendable to all. Far, Far better, than your ordinary "oil sloppers", that think they are doing you a favour... Thank you Chris Heunis @ The Healing Hands Group for your true and genuine talent and passion for the work and effort you put into your clients. Your reputation precedes you by far. Chris takes and makes the time to listen, take notes and apply his skills to your ailments and concerns raised.
Bradley T's picture
Bradley T

Excellent Professional Service

From the moment you enter the neat, and well kept property you are greeted with a Statue of a Chinese Warrior, and then personally by Chris. Friendly, on point, organized and extremely clean and luxurious. Reception is filled with abundance and you feel the presence as you enter the studio. Well lit, with smells of different fragrances welcomes you as you enter. Chris is extremely passionate about what he does, and could sense what was wrong with me, even though I did not even tell him anything yet. The studio, is well fitted, warm, with a personal touch I have wanted for so long. His hands, and movements are well trained and you can feel that he knows exactly what to do. I was lying on the comfortable warm, designed bed,, and only then realized how many aches and pains I have, until he started working with me. The moment he laid his hands on me, you could immediate feel the firmness, and energy which I haven't experienced in years. Consultation and explanation done before and afterwards of his findings, and observations. I was totally in awe, about this mans capabilities and the true gift he has. He was spot on with stuff I tried to suppress and did not expect a massage therapist to sense or acknowledge this. Debit & Credit Card facilities, and app you can use to purchase products, pay with and even schedule your next appointment, Wifi, Dstv, Safe and secured covered parking and my vehicle was even washed as a complimentary "free-be". I could go on and on about the professional manner in which i was treated, but would rather leave that to whomever is reading this to experience. To class Chris as a Massage Therapist would be (in my opinion) an insult as he is far more than that and his spiritual presence is on par, and so well connected. If you need a well deserved treat, then I would absolutely recommend him to anyone at any given day and point. I feel better than I have felt in years. Thanks Chris you have true Healing Hands.
Larry H's picture
Larry H

Never Have I Ever

Never have I Ever received such a warm welcome, timeous, clean, tidy and tranquil environment. Chris's passion for what he does is transparent and he knows his stuff. He is not your average Joe who offer massages on the side as he describes the bodily functions and could sense what was wrong with me without me even telling him. Consultation session is top notch and the variety of payment systems are another bonus. I often go for massages as I have always been in search of "the one" whom I can connect with. I have found him. A bit of a distance to travel (i'm from Bryanston), BUT that makes it part and partial of the journey. His techniques are blended with a variety and he is present and in the moment when he offers the service. A variety of payment systems available, peaceful, neat and well kept garden which flows into a wonderful warming environment all-together. If you are ever in the area or reside in Jhb an absolute must. Not only a luxury but a necessity, especially given the service level received. A well deserved 5 star rating from me.
Hylton M Smith's picture
Hylton M Smith

Lovely Atmosphere, with a Healing Touch

I would highly recommend Chris as a massage therapist. He is highly knowledgeable, has firms hands and knows how to find those areas that need work and apply the appropriate amount of pressure. He takes huge pride in what he does and it shows in the beautiful environment he has created for his clients. The rooms are tastefully and meticulously put together and with the tranquil sounds and smells create a lovely atmosphere just right for a treatment. If you are looking for a professional massage from someone with integrity who loves what they do then Chris is the therapist for you.
Peter K's picture
Peter K

Well worth it!!

All treatments well worth it. Professional and indeed healing.
Quinten Venter's picture
Quinten Venter

Service Excellence

The service was excellent as usual.
T Naidoo's picture
T Naidoo

Sense of Calmness

At Healing Hands there's a sense of calm from the time you enter. Chris is great with pinpointing tension areas on your body and alleviating. Safe, clean comfortable environment. Make sure I visit on every business trip! You will never be disappointed.
Msimango T…'s picture
Msimango T…

Cloud Nine

Wow, what an experience. I felt like I was walking on the moon, I was on cloud nine. Chris does his work with passion and the atmosphere, the music serenades your tired muscles and you doze in tranquillity, helping heal and soothe you!
G Stocker's picture
G Stocker

Awesome Experience

An awesome experience, clean, tranquil, soothing and most of all healing. Chris has a soft and calming effect to the ambiance and needs to be visited as often as possible for mind, body and soul.
Terence C Naidoo's picture
Terence C Naidoo

Gentle, Firm & Focussed!!

I needed a different massage this time I always wanted someone who understands me and takes the time and the effort to listen to my ailments. I’ve tried basically every single “massage person” in Jhb, but either I could not relate with them or they just did not work with me properly. Almost as if there is a missed connection somehow. The pressure was not right, and I felt the same as I did before and after the massage. One of my friends suggested I try The Healing Hands Group – Chris. Well, well, well. From the minute I walked in till I lay down on the bed, I new this was the connection. The 1st session was extremely intense (my neck, my shoulders, everything was in pain as he worked with me), but as he guided and explained “you will feel discomfort now, but you will thank me later”. The massage I received was focused, firm and gentle. At the end I felt the tightness to be substantially eased and my back is much more flexible. Chris is a calm spirit with excellent hands, and true healing power. I was as stiff as anything the next day but afterwards felt lighter and energized. 3 years later and I’m still going to him, on a monthly basis!!! Service excellence and professional standards with card facilities, and a wonderful reception in a tranquil and peaceful garden, and spa. Great work!!!
Rudi's picture

A New Life & 2nd Chance!

I have been going to Chris for several years now, as I was diagnosed with a rare disease and was in-between hospital beds, and my own for almost 2 years. I had to find someone who listens to me and my body’s needs and found him on Google. I have never looked back a day in my life. Chris nurtured, guided and helped me to get back into shape, by strengthening my posture, core, muscles, and gave me my self-esteem which I had lost during my ill-period. The strict advice and stretching methods have helped me tremendously. It’s been a long journey, but I have made it and I now go to Chris 3 – 4 times a month as I am now back at gym and exercise almost 7 days a week. The results are phenomenal, and my core has improved to such an extent where I am now able to walk without support. Thank you Chris.
Jimmy K's picture
Jimmy K

Wonderful Being and Massage Therapist!

Getting a massage from Chris is definitely one of my highlights for the month. I always leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed – a great combination! Chris is wonderful about using whichever of the many massage techniques he has mastered to best “unwind and de-stress” me, depending on what I need during any given visit. He is always friendly, helpful and the surroundings are comfortable, tranquil and clean with an added personal touch. A + 10 rating on his service as I have been going to him for many years, and his service is as good as the 1st day I entered his studio/spa. I have taken my 17 year old son to him who was tired of being sent from pillar to post as he was incorrectly diagnozed with inflamation on his knee. My son walked around with crutches for almost two months. Chris managed to sort him out within 5 sessions, and my son gave away the crutches. He is not only a massage therapist but a true healer of note - Healing Hands is so appropriatte. A true gem of a person, and a calming presence. * Jimmy K
Dickson King's picture
Dickson King

Sixth Sense

Chris just has a sixth sense of where your issues are without you telling him. He also makes you aware of areas you did not know you had 'issues'. Most importantly he knows how to work them out. Thanks Chris - you the best
David A's picture
David A

Holistic & Professional Approach

Chris is very thorough and his attention to detail is great. He works on addressing the issues you have and gives good advice. I would recommend his services to anyone out there who is looking for something better than just your usual treatment / massage.
Alan F's picture
Alan F


Absolute professionalism! Chris has an incredible ability and provides exceptional service in a blissful environment. Thank you for a wonderful session. Alan
Hennie Gericke's picture
Hennie Gericke

No ordinary massage, this is serious and professional

Any one can claim that they can give you a massage, but not everyone can listen and sense your body's needs like Chris does. If you are serious about looking after your body and mind then you will find yourself in the right hands, try some of the other services offered, like a full body exfoliation. Enjoy the dedicated and unique treatment that you will receive, and discuss your requirements in the time allowed for it. This is why this is not a franchised operation but a unique hands on personal professional service. Forever great full, Hennie Gericke
Elton Huberts's picture
Elton Huberts

Thank You

This is like no other...Professional, Intuitive, and absolutely skilled! If you care about your body do give Chris the opportunity to take care of it for you. Thank you for always going the extra mile on my body. Elton H
Neo Tlhodi's picture
Neo Tlhodi

Professionalism at its best!!

I am overwhelmed with joy, the service that I had received yesterday was amazing. As I have mentioned before, that, it was my first time ever getting a massage, and I can't believe that I have been missing out and neglecting my body like this. The standard and professionalism, is outstanding, for a novice such as myself you made me feel comfortable. I'm amazed how my body feels right now. I feel like a new born.

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