LeiKi Divine Presents ~ 'Authentic ORIGINAL Traditional' JIKIDEN REIKI Seminar Cape Town
16 Mar, 5:30pm to 18 Mar, 6:30pm
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LeiKi Divine Presents ~ 'Authentic ORIGINAL Traditional' JIKIDEN REIKI Seminar Cape Town

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This is an authentic International Jikiden Reiki Seminar, 3 days, accredited with the Jikiden Institute, Kyoto. No Western influence or fusion Reiki. A transformational Physical Healing modality for current times on the planet, for your well-being and longivity, health.

The traditional reiki system rediscovered in its original form in 2003, is an intelligent system working with the organs, joints, bones, tissues, not limited to the drainage & detoxification system of the body, vital to your health.
Bringing Conscious Presence to your inner nature.
I find this easily learnt system to harmonize with the 5000 years old teachings, of meridian philosophy used by acupuncturists, a energetic duct system that was developed only 12 hours from conception for each individual.
The Jikiden System I find also correlates with the shiatsu, reflexology and bio-energetic systems, massage etc. of well-being, health and healing.
Illness is usually a result of inflammation in the body due to toxicity build up... this is not always immediate and if not treated, can develop into a serious pathology in later years, which can create an onset of well-known mental health dysfunctions.
You can now choose to empower your health, with this simply taught and simply learnt system of Jikiden Reiki...
I look forward to connecting, talking, sharing the incredible knowledge of this system with you, which will support your own physical health, well-being, healing, longevity, maintenance and preventative for decades to come.~ LeighAnne (C)

Please join us for a 3-day seminar this 16-18th & 21st March in Cape Town and 9th-12th August in Gauteng 2018. Bookings Open: courses@LeikiDivine.com

*Speak to us if you need a payment plan option.

Cost / Pricing: 
250$ US dollar about +/- R3700
Teacher / Instructor: 

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