Pamper Me Morning
13 Dec,
9:30am to 12:30pm
0724097664  42 on Sonneblom Deli, Bellville

Pamper Me Morning

LISTING > Holistic Healing, Kinesiology Event in Bellville

Relaxation, Calming the mind, Nourishing the body and Loving yourself.
Let go of 2018 and celebrate who you are right now!
Dress: stylish / glam – dress to feel fabulous
Space is limited.
Book before 5 December and pay R440 (after 5th pay R500)

The Experience:

1. A HEALTH BOOST – let your cells radiate with goodness and vitality as they let go of toxins and embrace nourishment. You will receive 15 minutes on the frequency machine (rife tech) to detox and energise.
2. BEING IN FLOW – you will learn how to strengthen the 3 most important meridian systems in your body keeping your nervous system, brain and heart happy and healthy.
3. RELAXATION – you will learn the 3 most common pressure release points on the body to release stress, tension and to remind the body how to relax.
4. CALM MIND – ease your mind into a state of peace with a gentle visualisation guide. This will take place in a tranquil garden with beautiful bird sounds.
5. LOVING ME – an introspective pampering exercise to acknowledge yourself and love yourself.
6. HAPPY FACE – practice face yoga to lessen wrinkles, balance proportions and widen your smile.
7. RESCUE PACKS – you will get a rescue remedy, colloidal silver and peppermint pot pourri to take away.
8. YUMMY SNACKS – healthy snacks and beverages provided.

Presented by: Helen, the Wellness Practitioner, aka kinesiologist.
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Cost / Pricing: 
Teacher / Instructor: 
Helen Hansen, Kinesiologist

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