Intuitive Animal Communication Workshop Foundation Level - Ballito, KZN
17 Nov,
9:00am to 3:00pm
064 908 4846  4 Bond Street, Mount Moreland, Umdloti

Intuitive Animal Communication Workshop Foundation Level - Ballito, KZN

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Workshop Information
Our animal companions give so selflessly and unconditionally to us through their love, loyalty and the profound wisdom they hold deep in their souls and they truly want to share this with us.
By learning to really listen with our intuitive senses, we can talk with them and not only hear their beautiful messages but also deepen and strengthen our bond and connection with them.
Intuitive animal communication is not a gift imparted to only a select few. every human being has the innate ability to connect with all of life, including our animal companions.
Join me in this 1 Day Interactive and Fun Workshop where you too can learn to open your intuition and connect on a heart and soul level. To share in the magic, love and wisdom that your animal friends have to share with you.

What We Will Explore:
• What is intuition & telepathy
• How do we bring this into our everyday lives so as to live more consciously to honour our sacred selves & our animals
• What is Animal Communication and also what it is NOT
• Practical tools and fun exercises to explore, develop and enhance your intuition and your communication
• How to make a soul-centred connection
• Animals as our mirrors

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Teacher / Instructor: 
Tammy de Oliveira

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