Art & Yoga Retreat
27 Sep, 6:15pm to 29 Sep, 2:15pm

Art & Yoga Retreat

LISTING > Iyengar Yoga, Art and Creative Processing Retreat in Umzumbe

Raising your creative vibration through Art, Yoga and Nature.

Friday 27 September.

18h00 Restorative Yoga

~ 19h15  Dinner

(Sometime after dinner, around the fire.)

Pre-painting non-painting Painting exercises. (1 hour)

a. Brief outline of the retreat plan for painting.

b. Talk on a blank canvas exercise.

c. Introduction to perspective exercises using  3 artworks.

d. Eliciting a theme assignment. 


Saturday Morning 28 September.

6h30 to 7h15 Yoga & Pranayama: Energising for the day ahead

~ 7h30 Breakfast

(Sometime after breakfast. Morning - lunch under the trees hopefully)  

Activation Station. Painting time. (3hours)

a. Stretches. Use mechanics of painting to unblock creative impulse. X

b. Ego in the paint exercise. 

c. Turning symbols into content.

d. Seeing the whole composition. Too many pies exercise. 

e.  Sketch theme. 

~ 13h00 LUNCH TIME

Saturday Afternoon/Evening.

(Sometime after lunch before dinner)

Content transfer. Painting time. ( 1 hour)

a. Sketch is done by each person based on their own theme. Encouraged to use environment.

b. Transfer of line to canvas.

17h00-18h00 Yoga: a Quiet Cleansing Class

~19h00 Dinner

Sunday Morning 29 September.

6h30 to 7h15 Yoga & Pranayama: Balance and Centering

~ 7h30 Breakfast

8h30 Silent Walking mediation to the Easels….

Filled with colour. Painting time. (3 hours)

a. Colour mixing exercise.

b. Pallet preparation.

c. Putting it all together

d. Feedback: Highlights and creative insights to take home with you. 

~ 13h00 LUNCH TIME

~ 14h150 Farewell

Cost / Pricing: 
From R2 940
Teacher / Instructor: 
Kaz Wilson & Radmer Magma

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