Soul Mandala Workshop
13 Jan,
1:00pm to 5:00pm

Soul Mandala Workshop

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The new year presents an auspicious time for performing magical work or creating intentions to help you attract good things. This is the time to attract good things to you, such as luck, money, a new job or love. Harness the power of the new year to bring an important goal to fruition or to attain your heart’s desire.

This workshop is a fantastic opportunity to focus your intent and can provide answers and/or insight for the following:

• are you thinking of starting a new venture?
• have you started a new business and are looking for direction?
• are you starting a new job?
• do you feel stuck in your current job and need to find a new way of doing things?
• are you moving home?
• do you feel creatively blocked?
• do you feel you need to do something creative or spiritual to leave this year behind?
• are you wondering why things in your life are just not working?
• do you need answers on why you keep repeating certain life patterns
• do you need to understand what energy theme the new year holds for you?

We will explore two different modalities in this workshop to achieve the desired results: Soul mapping and Mandalas.

What is Soul Mapping?

Soul mapping is the pathway your soul follows on its sojourns through life. Soul mapping will help you to find your own authentic sacred path aligned with your life’s purpose. I will work out your soul map, using details given, from this we will align your personal numerology to the life patterns that you are expressing now.

Why do I need to explore Soul mapping?

· it will help you to access your dormant abilities helping you to manifest your heart’s desire
· will help you to clear unwanted patterns out of your life
· helps you to align with your life’s work or purpose
· focuses your energy on your goals and needs
· releases unconscious patterns of guild, sabotage grief and regret out of your energy body
· opens the universal flow of abundance and success in your life

What is an mandala?

Mandala means circle or wheel and it represents the energy cycles and movement of life. It is used quite often as a meditative tool to reach deep starts of inner calm.

How it works, what you will do, learn and integrate:

We will focus this workshop on what 2018 holds for you, we will use astrology, numerology and colour therapy to find your energy patterns that you are working with in 2018. This can give you valuable understanding of where you are in life and what is busy unfolding for you. We will use this information to find an energy pattern(mandala) that will represent the energy pattern you are expressing at the moment. You will then explore creative ways to make this mandala your own.
This mandala will represent your energy for next year and it will guide and support you on your journey moving forward. After finishing creating your unique mandala we will learn to do intuitive readings in the colours and shapes presented.

Modalities explore in this course:

1. soul qualities
2. soul numerology
3. colour therapy
4. astrology
5. tarot
6. geometry and mandalas
7. art therapy
8. intuitive art energy reading
9. universal laws of thrive-ing
10. reason we don’t manifest
11. goal setting
12. manifestation

Ps: this workshop was created for light hearted seekers of wisdom, your beliefs will get challenged, your mind will expand, and your heart will open. Let the games begin….

Contact Berto & Tamar
081 727 9939

Venue: Essence Soul Retreat, 17 Sunwood Drive, Tokai, Cape Town.

Cost / Pricing: 
Teacher / Instructor: 
Berto Voigt & Tamar Bezuidenhout

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