21 Ways to Cleanse the Energy of Your Home

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21 Ways to Cleanse the Energy of Your Home

By Kathryn Valdal Saleem
The energy of your home often reflects your mind, body and spirit. If you haven’t let go of events, relationships or emotions, it’s likely your home will hold on to those energies. The energies of past owners, residents and visitors can also linger, affecting the vibe, your health and prosperity. These energies can even cause hauntings, psychic attack or unwanted effects. Psychic medium Kathryn Valdal Fourie tells us how to clear negative energy and attract more positive energy and blessings.

Get Ready

1. Contemplate the connection

Just like your life and health is a physical manifestation of your personal energy, what is happening in your home structurally and technically can shed tremendous light on your life. By changing aspects of your home or the energy in your space, you can transform the flow of energy in your life.

2. Listen to your intuition

The study and analysis of energy and Feng Shui can take many years. If, however, you tap into your intuition, instinctively you will know what is needed. You’ll find that what you intuit will match the science of Feng Shui. You may, for example, feel that you want to break down a wall, move the sofa, declutter, redecorate or ask a resident to move out.

3. Cleanse your personal energy

One of the best ways to do this is bath in salt water. Add half a cup of rough salt with one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda to the bath. Light seven white candles. Say a prayer to clear away all the blocks, negative chords of attachments and bad habits, or negative energies from the past. Enjoy this bath routine for seven nights.

4. Heal your energy

You can also work on your personal energy and thoughts by booking a psychic reading that pinpoints what’s needed.  This might mean receiving healing such as Reiki, Access Bars therapy or another form of energy healing, as well as meditation, positive living and life coaching or psychotherapy.

Do the Basics

5. Clean and tidy
Before we get to the spiritual smudging, let’s remember the basics. Sometimes the energy of a space is just stagnant. A fundamental step to cleansing energy is to spring clean the rooms from top to bottom and keep your space thoroughly cleaned regularly.

6. Declutter
Clear out any clutter and objects that are no longer needed and which you associate with anything or anyone negative. Remember to go through your cupboards. Throw out tjunk from the past to make way for new and exciting things to come into the present. Remember outbuildings and the outdoor spaces.

7. Release toxic objects
If anyone has wished you harm through witchcraft, evil intentions or even a family curse, choose an object that represents this to you or that may hold this energy. Take it and throw it in a running river far away. If you can burn it and throw it in the river that is even better. Say a prayer and release that item and its energy.

8. Keep bad people out
If there are negative people in your space or home, either help them heal and if that doesn’t work get them out. Don’t allow negative people or bad energies into your space. People with addictions, individuals who wish you harm or who are abusive toward you should simply not be in your space.

9. Redecorate
Sometimes you need to strip the whole room of the past. Strip away old wall paper or fittings and create a fresh new look. Bring in new furniture or move furniture around until you feel the room has a new and uplifting balance. In some cases, you may need to renovate; you can open up the space or allow more natural light into the room by fitting a window or making a small window bigger. Changing the space and its contents will shift the energy.

10. Fix anything that isn’t working
Problems like broken items, blocked plumbing, faulty lights, broken clocks or fireplaces will affect the energy. When you live in a house with dripping taps, leaking gutters or pipes, you will notice that your money keeps draining away and you can’t seem to save. Blocked drains represent a block in a particular area of your life and broken clocks or unused fire places in the love area of your house may mean you are on your own or there is no fire in your relationship.

11. Pay attention to the entrance
Examine how energy flows into your home. If your neighbours leave their trash on your doorstep, your life will exhibit problems related to other people’s issues. If your doorbell isn’t working, you may find you aren’t open to new opportunities or they just aren’t coming your way. If the door is jammed, fix it. Ensure the entrance is protected but also welcoming with a positive flow of energy.

Perform a Cleansing Ritual

12. Set your intentions
Decide why you want to clear your space and ensure you are calm and not fearful. Quieten your mind and say a prayer. Call on God, the prophets, archangels and involve your departed ancestors too. Ask them to guide and protect you. Specifically tell them what you are trying to clear and ask them to help you for your higher good. If possible, do this on or around a full moon. Open the window to allow anything negative to leave. Get ready to clear negative energy but also ask for luck, prosperity, peace and abundance.

13. Light a white candle
While setting your intentions and saying a prayer, light a wide white candle. Place the candle in a bowl of salt. Carry it on a small tray with clearing and protective gemstones like black tourmaline, clear quartz, or sodalite/lapis lazuli/azurite. The salt should not touch the gemstones. Add other gemstones as desired. For example, if you want to bring in more love and calm to a home after conflict or divorce, add rose quartz.

14. Use sound
Ideally, start your energy clearing ritual at the main entrance of the home. Use a bell, sound bowl or even a trumpet or musical triangle. You can also use drums to unblock energy. Use your chosen item to make sound progressively while you walk around each room in a clockwise direction. Open cupboards, draws and pantries if you feel the need. Pay attention to the subtle energies or feelings you notice while doing this. Repeat this outside the property too.

15. Smudge
Use a bushel of dried white sage, imphepho sage or other cleansing herbs or incense. Burn and smoulder them in a heat resistant bowl. Once again start at the front door and move around each room in a clockwise direction. Take your time. See what you pick up. Pray and communicate with spirit while you do this. If you feel guided to spend more time in one area than another, do so. Remember to do the same in outbuildings and outside the home. Also smudge the people living in the property.

16. Sprinkle salt
Sprinkle salt in the four corners of each room. Ask spirit to allow the salt to absorb all that is negative in each room. After about two days, clear away the salt and dispose of it far from the property. Remember to also dispose of the salt that you kept in the bowl with the candle. If you place salt outside, wash it away with water.

17. Consider soda
You can also throw caustic soda or more natural drain cleaner down the pipes and wash away the negative energy requesting that it all flows away. Ensure that you do this safely. Then close the plugs of the sinks to prevent good energy from leaving.

18. Give thanks
Thank God and all the beings of light who have helped you during the clearing process. Continue the clearing process by burning protective and clearing incense/sage, praying and engaging in other positive practices regularly.

Take the Energy Higher

19. Fill your home with positivity
Be positive and make your home a sanctuary of peace and calm. Position positive and protective crystals or symbols at the entrance of your home and rooms. Remember to pay attention to the back door and other entrances or exits. Use beautiful natural aromas, such as incense, aromatherapy oils or room sprays. Work with colour, design and artistic elements.

20. Boost blessings
Introduce symbols of luck and prosperity to your home. This could be in the form of animals, children, fruit trees or even ornamental or religious elements. For example, banana trees and lemon trees are believed to bring prosperity and abundance. Fountains and koi fish ponds, if placed correctly, will also bring prosperity and peace. Statues or ornaments of horses can attract prestige and recognition. Children and animals also raise the vibration and energy of a space.

21. Keep it up
The process of clearing your space, enhancing it and attracting more positive energy and flow is an ongoing process and not a once off event. Be an active participant in this process. Involve experts for additional guidance or help with the clearing process if or when necessary. Repeat the process in the same or similar ways as the need arises. Enjoy working with energies and surrounding yourself with the happiness and abundance you deserve.

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