The Holistic Principle works on the basis that every part of your physical body is connected to, and interacts with, every other part. It recognizes the interactions between the body, emotions, mind and spirit, then the connection between your entire organism and your larger environment.

When we live with holistic principles in mind, our attitude to healing, to problems, to our relationships and even to television newscasts become different. Once we realise how connected everything is we find a new way of interpreting problems and finding solutions.If any part of our lives are out of balance there will be an effect in another part. Very often we tend to hone in on the presenting problem without looking at things in the bigger picture. There are so many examples of this; someone with recurring eczema might try and treat the eczema, which obviously is necessary, but not look at the stresses they are under that creates an environment for the eczema to flourish. An holistic practitioner believes some people who drink excessively are searching for spirituality and not the spirit you get from a bottle. If the excessive drinker could see that and pursue some kind of spirituality in their lives, the impulse to drink too much might disappear. Heavy emotions can cause disease in the body and prolonged sadness or resentment can cause chronic disease.

Living holistically means checking the relationship between all aspects of the self and making sure they are healthy, balanced and well nourished.

Take seven of the main areas of your life and make sure each one works optimally.

  1. DIET healthy fresh, chemical free food creates healthy cells, vitality and energy
  2. EXERCISE daily exercise boosts serotonin, makes the body feel strong and capable
  3. RELAXATION living with less stress brings clarity of mind and a calm disposition
  4. PURPOSE & MEANING engaging in a career, hobby or philanthropic pursuit you love will give your life purpose and meaning
  5. LOVE & AFFIRMATION developing relationships that are mutually beneficial and loving will bring joy and goodness
  6. HIGHER CONNECTION connecting to the wonder of creation and finding spirituality in a way that works for you (try prayer, meditation, praise and worship) will feed your higher self
  7. EMOTIONAL HEALTH checking your emotions, leaving nothing unresolved, practising forgiveness, calming anger, letting go of resentment and experiencing the feeling of happiness regularly will keep you sane

Remember that our bodies have their own in built intelligence always striving for balance and optimal health. This has been identified in many different healing systems and has various names like Life force, Vitalism, Chi or Prana. This force constantly works to restore health. Recognising this force means paying attention. If your body is poisoned in some way or another you might start vomiting. This is the best way the body knows to heal itself. Taking something to stop vomiting might interfere with the body’s natural process and stop effective healing from taking place. Often we get a niggling pain which we choose to ignore and rather take a painkiller when we should be looking more deeply at what is causing the pain. Giving your body more credibility and listening to the clues and signs it is continuously telling you is an excellent way of being more in tune. 
Naturopathic medicine, in particular, takes into account that symptoms in different organs or different parts of your body, and seemingly unrelated illnesses or other life events from your past may play an important role in your current condition. Naturopathic doctors treat the body holistically and will use in depth lifestyle knowledge to assess a persons condition and treatment plan. They also work with the body’s natural intelligence rather than against it. Prevention is a key component of Naturopathic medicine. Knowing where your weaknesses and vulnerabilities are makes it easier for you to take care in those areas.
In the bigger picture it is important to realise we are connected to the greater world channel as well. If you are aware of how much rubbish you generate and have seen statistics on landfills, yet you don’t separate your trash or recycle or make any effort, you can expect clutter and rubbish to fill your world. If you are lucky enough to have the consciousness to see that our culture of manufacturing, over-refinement and hyper-processing of food, and creation of petroleum laden, artificial environments are not very supportive of our well being, then do something about it. Ask your grocery store to stock the products you want, detox your own life and inspire others to do theirs. What you do personally will have a ripple effect that goes outwards to the world.

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