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We are always preparing for the time when something we want to happen will happen. When we prepare for happiness, it is inevitable that we will never be happy, just merely preparing. For hundreds of years, truth seekers have been discussing why humans suffer and how to alleviate suffering. Simple observation shows that when unwanted things happen, or when wanted things don’t happen, we react by creating tension within ourselves and start generating negative feelings making life miserable.

“If you drop the mind, suddenly you become happy for no reason at all.  
Then happiness is just natural, just as your breath."

Preventing unwanted things from happening is impossible, no matter how closely we guard ourselves. The question then becomes: how do we change the way we react to unwanted things? A temporary solution comes from shifting uncomfortable feelings by diverting attention.  For instance, when anger comes up, drink water, count to ten or go for a walk. But diverting attention away from the problem causes the negative issue to be subverted into the unconscious. While on the surface there appears to be peace and harmony, in the depths of the mind sits a volcano of suppressed emotion waiting to erupt.  A better solution is to not to fear the unwanted emotion but to go right into the situation, fear or anguish, see it for what it is and let it go. Every moment has the opportunity to yield something magnificent. This could be learning more about yourself, re-examining values, finding joy, releasing fear or growing strength.

Some of the deepest stress and anguish comes from holding onto things that no longer serve us. Learn to let go by trusting in the process of life. Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, it means embodying a new space for the next thing to happen. It opens the door to a harmonious relationship with what is inevitable. The inevitable always involves personal growth and advancement. As we let go we create the power to transform and we find ourselves living here now.

Programming Peace

Create your own ‘inner peace’ resource and use it to draw on whenever life gets out of control. Do this by finding an image or picture that represents calmness and serenity. It might be a field filled with flowers, a caring person bringing you tea in bed, a pathway filled with fabulous possibilities, a flock of birds in flight. Strengthen your image by adding sensory depth - a favourite piece of music, vibrant colours, calming fragrance, a soft or breezy touch. Keep this image in your mind and cultivate a strong sense of calm and peace. Relax your body completely, checking each muscle in turn for signs of tension. Once you have done this a few times you will associate the image with the feeling of calm. You can then use the image whenever you feel flustered to trigger a restored feeling of serenity. If you find visualisation difficult, try using a piece of music instead. Listen to your chosen piece of music a few times while bringing yourself into a complete state of deep peace. This sets up an inner programme that will automatically make you feel calm whenever you hear the music. Just by becoming aware of what makes you flustered and filled with angst you will have more power to influence it. Try and experience more peaceful moments in your day and soon you will make it a habit. Inner peace is mirrored externally. See how your environment changes when you change what is happening on an emotional level.

As Osho says...

You ask, ‘Why am I always daydreaming about the future?’  You are daydreaming about the future because you have not tasted the present.  Start tasting the present.  Find a few moments where you are simply delighting.  Looking at the trees, just be the look.  Listening to the birds, just be a listening ear; let them reach to your deepest core.  Let their song spread all over your being.  Sitting by the side of the ocean, just listen to the wild roar of the waves, become one with it… because that wild roar of the waves has no past, no future.  If you can tune yourself with it, you will also become a wild roar.  Hug a tree and relax into it.  Feel its green shape rushing into your being.  Lie down on the sand, forget the world, commune with the sand, the coolness of it; feel the coolness saturating you.  Go to the river, swim, and let the river swim within you.  Splash around, and become the splashing.  Do whatsoever you feel you enjoy, and enjoy it totally.  In those few moments, the past and future will disappear and you will be here now.” ~ Osho

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