Boost Self Esteem with improved Posture

Alexander Technique

Boost Self Esteem with improved Posture

Get into the habit of developing good posture – put a couple of books on your head and walk around the house once a day to remind you.

Small adjustments in posture can produce volumes of self-esteem. When your body is walking tall, it sends feel good messages to the mind. Knowing that our thoughts have a direct effect on our bodies, one only needs to examine how people carry themselves to see whether they have been thinking positively or negatively. Try the following: breathing in, straighten your neck upwards without stretching it, breath out, relax your shoulders and let them drop down, be aware of creating space between each vertebrae in your spine. Check the position of your hips, if your buttocks stick out bring them in and let your hips align with your waist. Make sure you are not pulling your stomach in too much as this prevents deep belly breathing. Hang an imaginary string from the sky through your body and allow this string to pull you upwards. Check the position of your feet, are they squarely on the ground or do they turn inwards or outwards? Concentrate on making good posture a practice and notice the effect it has on your self-esteem.

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