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From Cancer to Cure LifeShine Centre

After a tumultuous journey with cancer Bill Barrett followed protocols including juicing, intravenous ozone, vitamin C treatments and medical cannabis alongside the Bravo protocol and others. Immense success inspired him to start the LifeShine Clinic in Somerset West, Cape Town. Here is his story.
Few things in life shake up your existence, thoughts and emotions as much as being told you will die from cancer. Statistics show 1 in 3 people will be affected by cancer some time in their life. At the Hope for Cancer Clinic in Cancun an explosion in cancer cases and huge demand for holistic treatments, have seen them increase their capacity from treating 24 people a day to 100.

Four years ago I started experiencing abdominal pains. The position of the pain was vague and not continuous and it took me a while before seeing the doctor. I had standard colonoscopy and gastroscopy tests done in both Switzerland and SA but they could not pick up any problems and it was attributed to stress. At the time I had a very stressful time in the mining industry. I had just taken over as CEO of a struggling business and I travelled excessively, 2-3 weeks in a month.

My wife, Hanlie's dad died from cancer in February 2015. Around that time the intensity and frequency of the pains suddenly increased and I decided to see a new doctor in Switzerland where we lived. I saw the new Doctor and asked her to send me for CT scans. They discovered a massive tumor hidden behind my liver. The tumor was identified as a leiomyo sarcoma and with further tests the doctors decided it had to be removed immediately. I was referred to the University Hospital in Zurich where doctors believed we couldn’t even wait for my eldest son’s wedding - about 4 weeks away.

Tests showed the sarcoma had infiltrated my liver and duodenum. I asked the Doctor to be relentless in cutting out the cancer -  I would rather die on the operating table than have a few months left waiting to die. They asked me to sign a letter to that effect. That night it felt like I signed my life away.  It was on 17th of March 2015. I wrote letters to my kids and my wife Hanlie, essentially thanking them for a great life and saying goodbye.

The 10-hour operation went well but a days later there were complications and I lost the function of both kidneys. I was put on dialysis. My blood pressure dropped dangerously and the doctors kept pumping fluid into me to get the blood pressure up. I picked up more than 10kg in a day and there were times I was so uncomfortable I thought it was better to die. Fortunately, my right kidney started working but I lost the use of the left one. At that stage I blindly followed Doctors orders. I had six weeks of radiation, thought I was ok, and went back to work as if nothing happened. I had check-ups every 3 months and things were going well.

However, on the 1st of Feb 2016, the cancer returned and had metastasized to my liver and it was aggressive. They were going to try a specialised radiation (stereotactical radiation) to remove tumors in the liver. It was anticipated I had about 6 months to live. After three weeks, the specialists decided they couldn’t do more radiation since I had already had too much (even though this was supposed to be a low dose). They had lied to me.
By the end of March 2015, all that remained was surgery to cut the tumors out my liver. I was wary of this and nervous of complications from radiation and previous surgery.  I thought about losing my only working kidney and the poor quality of life this would mean in my last months. 
Hanlie, my wife and I, started investigating alternative treatment possibilities on the internet. I started with a strict diet and juicing programme to get my body in the best possible shape to fight the disease. I also started intravenous ozone, vitamin C treatments and a protocol using medical cannabis. The surgeons kept pressurising me to have surgery and I asked for a second opinion from the Oncologist. The Oncologist agreed that an operation would be risky and would probably only extend my life by a short time, but could also impair my quality of life. He was upset with me for having lost so much weight on my juicing regime, and said I would die from this disease whatever I do and I should rather just enjoy the rest of my life and eat and drink whatever I want.

I went through a hard time, the diet was tough and I couldn’t accept the oncologists prognosis that I was wasting my time. Hanlie had to - as she likes to say -  give me a few slaps to get my mind thinking straight again. During this time I saw how easily one can decide to die if you allow negativity to creep in.

At this stage even though I had decided I would not have the operation, I wanted a third opinion and sent my scans to a prominent Oncologist in South Africa. He told me he could not find any cancer on the scans. Then when asked to look again he agreed he found the cancer but agreed an operation would be very risky. The point is that even though he knew I had terminal cancer according to the doctors in Switzerland, he could not identify it first time from the plates. It was a massive emotional rollercoaster.

We went to South Africa to tell our sons and bought a house in Somerset West so Hanlie would have a place close to the family for support.

We were doing a tremendous amount of cancer research and Hanlie read about a clinic in Mexico (Hope for Cancer) achieving good results using sophisticated treatments. After talking to people who had attended the clinic, we decided to have their signature treatments - the Rigvir Virus and Sono Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT).

When I returned my health felt stable. The doctors at Hope for Cancer were very happy with my response to the treatment and believed my prognosis was good. My blood was normal. My immune system was impaired and although continuing with the treatments, my health was deteriorating. My hair started falling out and I was looking like a cancer patient. At this stage my weight dropped to 60kg and I thought I was dying. My doctors all told me to use probiotics to improve my immune system, but this had no effect on my health. It was clear the Cancun treatments could not work with the poor performance of my immune system.

At that time, I met Dr Helen Stutz and was told about an immunotherapy by Dr Reinwald in Germany (Bravo/Rerum protocol). This was said to be excellent at restoring the immune system. It was a relatively complex and potentially dangerous protocol if not well monitored and we had to wait a few weeks to import it into S.A and learn the procedures and ketogenic diet. Hanlie developed a similar product to the Bravo and within 24 hours of using the alternative, my health improved dramatically. It was a life changing experience seeing how my body reacts to the protocols. Before cancer I thought detoxing and cleansing were just excuses for women to enjoy time at a spa. Today I am dependent on these protocols to get rid of toxins since my liver is not functioning at 100% and the one kidney is only at about 80%.   

During December 2016 and 2017 my health was continuously improving and I had to find a goal to keep myself busy. There were three different groups trying to start a Center for holistic treatments similar to Hope for Cancer in the Cape Town/Somerset West area. I believed God had placed me in a unique position with my business skills, experience and other resources to be able to help getting a facility off the ground.
Having experienced the excessive costs of following the alternative therapies (Cancun cost over R700 000) it seemed likely that we could provide a professional service here in SA. I got the groups together and joined forces to establish a facility. This did not go without pains and during the first few meetings we lost a few members from various disagreements. About this time in November 2016 we invited Dr Helen Stutz to join our group. We travelled to a Clinic in Germany and learned how to implement Dr Reinwald`s protocol. Given the impressive results I experienced it has become one of our core therapies at Lifeshine Wellness Center. Throughout the project we had tremendous support from our project members who all worked at no cost and allowed us to put together a great project. 
We struggled to find suitable premises and when finally we found our current one in August 2017, I took full risk in signing a contract. With support and conviction from Dr Stutz we decided to continue. We believed in the project and nothing was going to stop us. We didn’t understand the market, and heard things were not going well at the Humming Bird Clinic in Cape Town but I decided I was willing to write off a few million rand should things not work out. The stress of this took its toll on my health since we worked 12-14 hours a day to get everything ready in order to open in April 2018.
I have had relatively good health for the last 3 years and believe that the treatments we followed in the holistic program contributed significantly to my health and quality of life. In fact, the most significant problems I struggle with today are mainly due to the radiation damage and if I had known what I know today, I would not have had the radiation.

I attribute the success of the project and the fact I have been able to live with a good quality of life for much longer than expected mainly due to God’s grace and I am immensely thankful for the blessings from our Creator. I truly believe I can continue living a good quality of life for years to come even if I do not actually beat the cancer.


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Apollo Pampallis


Hi! I have written a very holistic book on cancer selling on Amazon and helped many people through this experience, including now, myself, noticing positive effects over weeks even without juicing, due to my ongoing travels which preclude carrying a 10kg juicer. I also give talks and weekend workshops for those with cancer. The science gives me no option but to unconditionally oppose any of the mainstream 'therapies' or prognoses. I am wondering if there would be any way we could possibly synergize, for the benefit of all. Best to you Apollo

Hi Apollo. Thank you so much

Hi Apollo. Thank you so much for your comment here. I would recommend that you get in touch with the directly. You can find them at :)

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