Conscious Movement Education


Conscious Movement Education

The practice of conscious movement techniques like yoga and pilates can provide a doorway to a deeper understanding and compassion for the self.

Immersing yourself through regular practice or a teacher training has the potential to change your life. 

Every class and training should really be thought of as an inward journey. You will certainly learn practical skills like alignment and proper body awareness to help you avoid injury, but what's truly on offer goes far beyond the physical. 

Conscious Movement Education includes learning new things about your body by fully dissecting different postures and how you express them, diving into an exploration of your own physiology and gaining a better understanding of what serves your unique physicality, learning how to move through life at large in a more limber and mindful and less injury-prone way, discovering your physical, mental and emotional strength, forging new relationships with fellow practitioners as well as deepening your relationship with yourself, deepening your spiritual practice through mediation, chanting, sutras, prayer or whatever works best for you, gaining new insight into the patterns of your mind, and expressing yourself more confidently in the world. 

The bi-annual Conscious Movement Conference at The Source touches on all of the above (and more) through its myriad informative, enlightening and inspiring master classes, workshops, discussions and other offerings. From heart and hip openers to cutting-edge Pilates technology, kiddies' classes, chanting, pranayama and an exploration of tantra, no stone is left unturned. The social mixers and vegan goods market complete the offering to create a much-loved event in the local yoga community. 

The Source also offers in-depth Conscious Movement Education through its yoga, pilates and transformation classes, nationwide yoga and pilates teacher trainings, workshops, tutorials, internships and Mindful Mondays initiative. 

For more information on the next Conference or getting involved through a class, workshop or training, visit or contact Renee at

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