Create an Inner Sanctum

Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork

Create an Inner Sanctum

Imagine how much energy and vitality you would have if you were truly able to recharge your mental batteries three times a day…

We are all tackling our lives on a daily basis – sometimes feeling strong and confident and sometimes not. You might agree: when we are feeling physically tired, it’s easier to take a quick rest and recharge our bodies, than it is to recharge our minds and emotions.

You know that feeling, when you just couldn’t be bothered, your energy levels are low, and you don’t give a rat’s ass. That is a result of mental and emotional fatigue, often caused by stress. That’s when we become Mr. Grumpy or Miss. Snappy. It’s not a pleasant experience for us or for our loved ones.

When next you feel like this, I invite you to take 5 minutes to close your eyes, breathe deeply and focus on your belly button. (Yes, contemplating your navel has its rewards!) Imagine, just like an umbilical chord, that you are connected to the Source of all life via your belly button, and you are now downloading pure, vibrant, light-filled life energy into your body. Allow the weight of your thoughts to sink down into your belly and give them over to Life. Imagine all your cares being vacuumed out of you by this chord, and being replaced with divine Life force. Give your body at least three minutes to let go and receive.

Your emotional centre resides in your belly, or gut – and this simple exercise gives your mind permission to climb off the mental mouse wheel, while clearing and energizing your emotional core.

Do not be misled by the simplicity of this exercise – you will be astonished by its power - the power of accessing your inner sanctum. We are all blessed with this inner space of tranquility and rejuvenation, it is a vital coping mechanism and forms part of our wholeness - we just forget to use it.

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