While natural body smells haven’t yet made a comeback (much Elizabethan love prose hails the sex-attractant factor of body odour), we continue to douse, dab, spray and roll. Leading researchers and scientists claim that antiperspirants can block the pores and cause allergic reactions. They also mention that harmful compounds like aluminium sulphate, often used in antiperspirants, can cause skin infections. Getting around this might mean making your own.

Experiment with a few ingredients to find the best blend to suit your skin.

Use a powder base of baking soda (deodorizing) or dry powdered clay then add a combination of essential oils.

Dina Falconi, herbalist and author of “Earthly bodies & Heavenly Hair” (Ceres Press) recommends the following recipe:

½ cup of witch hazel
8 drops of lavender
5 drops of rosemary
2 drops of patchouli
Pour ingredients into a jar and shake well. Use a cotton wool ball to apply to underarm area as needed.

Tip: Learn tons of other wonderful natural remedies from a qualified naturopath in Cape Town.

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