Making macrame plant hangers from hemp is a great DIY project for the summer, and you can use your creations to give your loved ones over the festive season.

All you need is some hemp cord from Hemporium, a potted plant, a brass hoop and a pair of scissors.

Start by cutting eight long pieces of the hemp cord. You can choose exactly how long you’d like them to be, depending on how low you’d like your plant to hang.

Once you have your eight strands, loop them through the brass hoop, making sure they fold over at the mid-point. You will now have 16 pieces of cord hanging down from the hoop.

Next, you will secure the cord using a wrapped knot. You will need another piece of cord for this knot.

To make your wrapped knot, place the extra cord over your looped cords with the short tail to the left, a loop pointing down, and the long tail to  the right. Wrap the long tail around the looped cords and the loop of the short cord. Continue wrapping the long tail, pulling tightly and leaving the bottom loop of the short cord uncovered. When you are happy with the length of your wrapped knot, thread the long tail through the loop at the bottom. Pull up on the short tail to tighten the knot and pull it underneath the wraps. Clip the tails as close to the knot as possible.

Next, you will need to create a row of square knots. Start by dividing your 16 long strands into four groups of four strands each. You will need to work two square knots over each of these four groups. To get them evenly spaced around the planter, use a measuring tape and measure the same distance from your wrapped knot along each group of cords and mark it with a pencil. Each group of four strands needs to be separated into the two outer cords that will be used to tie the knots and the two centre cords that the knots will be tied over.
Lay the left cord over the centre cords and under the cord to the right. Thread the right cord under the centre cords and up over the cord on the left. Pull to tighten, lining the knot up with your measuring mark. Repeat this process going the opposite direction: Lay the right cord over the center cords and under the cord to the right. Thread the left cord under the center cords and up over the cord on the right. Pull to tighten. Square knot formed. Repeat to create two square knots. Follow these steps to create two square knots over each four strand group at the same distance from the wrapped knot.

Next, you will make another row of square knots a bit below the first row. These knots will be made over new groups of four strands. You will take two cords each from adjacent groups of four – one centre cord and the right from one and one centre cord and the left from the other. Measure how far below the previous row of knots you want these next knots to be.

Next, tie two square knots at the measured mark over these new groups of four strands.

To finish off your DIY macrame plant hanger, you will need to tie all of the cords together with one final knot. Measure how far below your second row of knots you want your final knot to be. Loop all of the cords together and pull through to tighten and secure the knot. Trim cords to even out the ends.
All that’s left to do now is insert your planter and hang it up. Take care to carefully sort your plants’ branches between the groups of cords and make sure that the hook you hang your planter from is securely attached to the ceiling and able to handle the plant’s weight.

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