Explore, Discover and Create

Explore, Discover and Create

Creativity can be a wonderful source of inspiration unleashing 
great new ideas, reframing staid situations and supplying the 
courage to start new projects or do things differently. 
Tapping into your creative ability will reward you with refreshing energy, 
an opportunity to become more enchanted with life or a renewed 
commitment to look after yourself better. 

Everyone has creative ability. As David Hawkins, author of Power versus Force (Veritas) says, “the process of creativity and genius are inherent in human consciousness.” Find your undiscovered talents by boosting your creative confidence. Get started by keeping an ideas scrapbook. Collect anything that inspires you. It could be interesting words, picture cut-outs, ideas from magazines, pieces of ribbon or fabric, silly thoughts or great jokes. Your scrapbook will become a great reference when you need encouragement or motivation. Creative connections can come from many diverse sources.

Mind maps linking random thoughts or activities are a great way to stimulate a thought process.

Stretch your brain by doing puzzles. Doodles or random scribbles are especially good to get creativity to flow and unlock mental blocks. Make lists of books you would like to read, music you need to listen to, places you would like to visit and things you would like to say but don’t. Make your own cartoon strip mapping a frustration or invention. Collect details on creative people you admire. List mediums you could use to expose creative expression. Painting, cooking, pottery, gardening, origami, making music, drawing, textile design, patterning, writing, knitting, photography, designing houses, furniture or clothing are just some you could choose from.


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