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Celebrated yoga teacher and healer Pritam Khalsa guides women 
in a way of eating that creates immense vitality and energy without craving 
and obsession, her years of knowledge help women bust through food myths 
and find a healthy and self-sensitive way of eating.

Women tend to look at themselves through external and judgemental eyes. Society places a huge burden on women and there is not a woman free from wondering whether she measures up. All this energy focused on ‘being good enough’ take us away from visioning, manifesting, creating a better society, more harmony and ultimately peace in the world. We so desire these and have the capacity to manifest them. Yet, in time spent distracted on the external we lose sight of higher pursuits. Nutrition plays a huge role in balancing moods and helping us to feel amazing. Given a chance, the body will always strive towards perfect balance and health. Feeling good is our birthright. Feeling good automatically means looking good. We can achieve this with positive lifestyle habits and sound nutrition. Of course, different body types and temperaments have different needs but every individual can easily get to know what works for them personally.

10 TOP TIPS – Eating to feel good

Keeping your body at the weight you are supposed to be will make you light on your feet, you will feel mobile, flexible and youthful, able to multi-task and take on everything required of you. A woman’s power and ability is in her sensitivity. Without heavy energy from the wrong food you will activate both sensitivity and radiance. Historically, our bodies and their functions are ancient. Is it possible we thrive best on natural foods and that we cannot digest synthetic foods? Because a woman’s system is more sensitive and consequently less forgiving with regard to food it is greatly important for us to eat correctly. We can choose foods that enliven or calm; that cleanse or sustain, foods that work naturally for women. 

1. Keep your blood sugar stable by eating regular smaller meals and avoiding sugar laden foods. This will give you energy throughout the day.
2. Avoid eating sugars, processed carbs and bad fats. In the body these turn to fat and create a thick meshing of proteins in the skin and around our organs. This obstructs our natural life force and vitality.
3. Be more alkaline, when you are alkaline your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system relax and heal. You feel love and peace. This supports self-growth in a physical and experiential manner.
4. Make food part of your self-love. Eat foods that love you back. Certain foods are very beautiful – is it possible that they might create beauty? Include Super foods green powders like spirulina for vitality. 
5. Acknowledge and give thanks, say a prayer before eating. Take a moment to calm yourself, tune into your body, breathe, and welcome the food. Your body will accept the food much more easily and digestion will be heightened. 
6. Eliminate efficiently. Insufficient elimination creates auto toxification. Only use a laxative as an occasional detoxer to move waste through the system. Use powder rather than tablets as it can be sensitively administered. (e.g. aloe bitters) Make sure you digest meals within 24 hours, anything longer makes you toxic.
7. Cleanse . When we fall off the wagon, there are many ways to rapidly return to health. Balance a period of eating poorly with: Bentonite clay; Psyllium husk; Digestive enzymes, Flax seed powder and lots of water; Drink green Juice and/ or lots of veggies (veggies work similarly to bentonite, they mop up toxic spills in the body and draw toxins from the colon, the tissues and blood stream).
8. Snack mindfully. Be aware of foods you like to binge on. When hungry, don’t eat the first thing that comes to mind, often this means chips or sweets. You’ll make yourself feel sick (toxic or sugared out) and/ or you’ll overeat. See the list below for ideas on healthy snacks.
9. Abstain.  Occasional periods of abstention are healthy and good. See how light you feel when not weighed down by food. Though it is natural, physiological and divine to eat, highly evolved mammals often don’t eat. Fasting is also a recommended practice amongst many. Could there be a creative upside to a little less than over-abundance? When we say, ‘I am starving,’ is that really true? Research shows the healthiest people on earth have moderate calorie intake with high nutrient content. Intense hunger usually lasts for 10 – 15 minutes; if you hold out, you will get a second wind. You might feel acidic as the body goes into detox mode. Drink water to dilute the acidity and have a green powder or green juice. Green juice feeds the cells nutritionally and supports detoxification. Flax seed oil curbs hunger pangs and helps detox especially when your tummy is empty
10. Drink ample water. Water is precious and pure tasting. Get the best you can, if it doesn’t taste right you won’t drink it. Aim for a reverse osmosis water purifier. Make it affordable by buying one to share with neighbours. Avoid plastic bottles, they are a mounting eco problem. Use glass. Even if you just drink water for an afternoon or a day, your body will mobilise stored calories and your tissues will be washed. Drink water 10 – 20 minutes before a meal to quench your thirst. Often we mistake thirst for hunger. Drinking straight after a meal is said to dilute the digestive enzymes required for digesting food.


• Water from soaked beans, seaweed and Braggs or vegetable stock powder
• White yoghurt with ground flax seed
• Flax seed crackers with avocado
• Hot air popped popcorn with coconut oil, olive oil or ghee
• Goji berries and almonds (almonds are the most alkaline tree nuts)
• Fruit & dried fruit in ratio of 2 : 1 (dried fruit absorbs a lot of water internally when digesting. If eating them unsoaked, drink lots of water)


1. Mate Tea, Coca Tea, Green Tea, Jasmine or your choice of herbal tea
2. Hot Chocolate with Xylitol (Chocolate strengthens and contracts blood vessels, antidote to distended blood vessels in your face and legs)
3. Psyllium husk added to a mixture of half water and half juice.
4. Fresh juice or herbal tea with milk or juice


Honour the rhythms of your day by balancing blood sugar throughout.

Morning: Start with freshly squeezed lemon in water to neutralise acidity left over from the night.
Breakfast: Break the night’s fast with highly digestible foods. Fruit is an abundant source of naturally distilled water which ‘washes’ your system. In addition it is a ‘love food’ – it loves your body; and it is easy to love fruits. Fruit is the best food to plump up your cells with water for a glowing look. Even your lips are fuller when you eat 3 – 5 servings of fruit a day.
EAT: Fruit with nuts, flax seed, seed mix, or avo, or yoghurt, or a chunk of cheese, or cottage cheese, or flax crackers, or spirulina, or protein powder, or whey powder, or coconut milk or coconut oil.
It is important to add protein to your morning meal, it builds muscle, muscle tone and supplies powerful energy which in itself makes you stride out and move with strength. Protein also builds white blood cells, so when flu is pending it is natural to crave more protein to support white blood cells. TIP: The amount of protein you eat should be 1g per kilo of your optimum body weight.

Lunch: Alkalinise yourself by eating raw first until you are fairly full. A salad can satisfy all taste-bud requirements: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and astringent. After that it will be effortless to eat moderate amounts of everything else.
EAT: Salad, steamed or baked veggies and a source of protein (tofu, veggie burger or sausage, occasional egg, beans) and whole grains. Eat grains with a vegetarian protein source to improve your protein intake by 30%. TIP: You can reduce the glycemic index of some foods by adding protein e.g carrot juice (add a teaspoon of almonds), potatoes or rice (add beans, cottage cheese or avo)

Dinner: Eat dinner 2 – 3 hours before sleeping. Let your evening meal facilitate hearty elimination in the morning. Go for light carbs, they encourage serotonin production, the feel-good hormone that eases us into a restful sleep. Mostly all foods supply carbs except the protein foods. Steer away from concentrated proteins, in the evening as they are hard to digest. During the night, the parasympathetic nervous system is very active in detoxing the body.  If you eat a big dinner, your body will only have the capacity to digest and process dinner and will not be able to detox from the day. If dinner is light, your body will detox on a much deeper level and you will awaken younger, newer and fresher


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