Increase your Adventure Barometer

Increase your Adventure Barometer

Without us noticing, day-to-day living can slip into a rut leaving 
our more exciting and visionary persona abandoned in dreary routine.  

Then, someone else’s thrilling venture acts as a catalyst and stirs our neglected adventures. When the person from accounts resigns to hitchhike through Guatamala, or a neighbour joins Green Peace and sets off on an anti-poaching mission we are compelled to examine our adventure barometers. Similarly, hearing about a cousin who is exploring the dynamics of living in a pyramid and your local drycleaner who immigrated to Portugal to breed racing pigeons, unwittingly points fingers at complacency.

Strangely, postponing joy and excitement or putting off dreams and desires is a more common phenomenon than compulsively looking for instant gratification.

Psychologists attribute this to a belief system that creates guilt when people perceive they are being too frivolous or having too much fun. Getting past this restrictive mind-set is a simple decision. On the way to finding your life’s passion and purpose we recommend a kick start from one or more of the courses and workshops available or trying out a passion by taking it up as a hobby.

Before your life becomes a blur of mediocrity, practice a new viewpoint by first expanding your mind and then getting involved in something you have never done before. Most of the personal development instructors agree that perception is everything and all of us have unlimited potential. Techniques for getting rid of outdated belief systems can be learnt in a variety of different ways. Look at the events page on holistica for a number of workshops that achieve this purpose, and find one that suits you.

Tip: Find a great life coach in Cape Town to help you create the exciting and fulfilling life you desire. 

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