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It’s in a beautiful setting where patients feel as though they are in a friendly hotel rather than a hospital. We walked through the communal lounge area where, rather than being confined to a ward, patients if they wish, can choose to congregate together on couches and day beds. The area has glass doors that look out over an extensive nature landscape and has a distinctively positive and uplifting atmosphere. Some of the residents had drips attached, some were managing pain conditions and yes, there were people healing from cancer, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and other life threatening chronic conditions but there was a beautiful camaraderie of being on a healing journey. A health food Café called Eden is adjacent to the expansive lounge filled with radiating food from sprouts and green juices to nourishing elixirs and life enhancing cuisine. Being a patient is about wellness not sickness and just that precept makes such a difference to the process.
LifeShine came about through a collaboration of doctors, experts, holistic healers and individuals who have experienced illness either personally or by someone close to them and seen and felt the trials and tribulations first hand. With a deeply compassionate sentiment they resolved to help people through more natural, non-toxic and holistic means.
After many years of manifesting the right people and energy the Centre opened in mid-April in 2017 and has been growing exponentially since.
Holding a vision of how life can shine when at optimum health is the idea behind the name and the goal is to get everyone to the point of radiating light from within. As key founder Dr Helen Stutz explains:

“Our goal was to create a holistic comprehensive multi-therapy treatment facility and information centre for the personalised treatment of patients with immune compromised illnesses and chronic disease.”

Using a holistic framework, they look at 5 main aspects of healing including specialised nutrition; immunotherapy protocol; detox programmes; healing therapies and counselling and spiritual support.
The Centre considers each person individually, even in terms of their financial situation and lifestyle helping find the best time-frame and ways of delivering treatment. Generally a 3-4 week intensive programme is recommended during which participants are given tools to help support their bodies after their programme is finished. This means they leave feeling empowered and able to potentially maintain their own treatment and diet further.
“This combination, and our particular focus on the immune system, allows our body’s systems to operate at their optimum levels and enhances their ability to fight back against the disease,” says Dr Stutz. “We want to provide our patients with the knowledge, hope and correct treatments to overcome their illness.”

Sometimes it suits individuals to have a full personalised programme or simply a detox programme. Other times a drop-in treatment or a doctors consultation is required. Important to note is that the centre is not only aimed at people who are chronically ill, but also those who want to get their health to an optimum level.
The doctors and therapists are specialists in the fields of therapeutic diets, detoxification, immune support, and lifestyle coaching. Therapies offered include colonic hydrotherapy, various intravenous booster or detox therapies, many different modalities of ozone therapies, lymphatic drainage, Rife, pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) to Rebounding, Doctor consults, Comprehensive diet plans and Psychology.

They are also linked to various funding organisations that rally for support for those who cannot afford treatment.  Some of their associated/sister non-profit organization include the HopePhil Foundation and the Rice Foundation.

LifeShine is dedicated to being a supportive partner in the journey to improve your health, and help you heal your body.
For more information contact:  Tel: 021 100 4424 or Email:

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