Oat & Seed Muesli


Oat & Seed Muesli

Adding a variety of seeds to your morning muesli will give you oodles of Omegas and satisfy our need for the 'crunch' factor too. If you're adding chia make sure you soak them for a bit beforehand.

(Makes 2 portions)

  • 1 cup of oats
  • 2 tbsp oat bran
  • 2 tbsp sunflower, sesame or pumpkin seeds
  • 2 tbsp flaked almonds or hazelnuts
  • 450g fresh fruit (grated apple, pear)
  • Soya milk


Put oats in serving bowls and cover them with water. Soak overnight.
Add oat bran and seeds and top with fresh fruit. Serve with soya milk.

TIP: Dry roast your seeds in a pan over the stove for a few minutes and you'll bring out a fragrant nutty smell that tastes delicious.

Tip: Consult a great nutritionist in Cape Town for more tasty, healthy recipe ideas to suit your specific needs.

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