The Queen of Women's Herbs

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The Queen of Women's Herbs

From our first periods to navigating the post-menopausal waters, we are reclaiming our reproductive systems and opening up about the physical and emotional repurcussions associated with the changing tides of our feminine bodies.

“Being female is not a diagnosis,” says author Eleanor Morgan. While discussing hormones was not encouraged in the past, conscious sisters the globe over are now freely discussing everything from hormone-balancing herbs to yoni eggs.

The ladies in the Holistica office are at different stages of the feminine journey – from navigating PMS to supporting fertility and dealing with menopausal issues. Firm believers in the wisdom of the sisterhood, we are continually exchanging ideas and resources for helping us better support our bodies and minds on a daily basis.

One of the most helpful resources we’ve discovered recently has been shatavari – a species of asparagus from Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and the Himalayas that’s been used in Ayurveda for centuries.

Known as the queen of women’s herbs, shatavari is used for fertility, as an aphrodisiac, for its adapogenic qualities and to balance the female endocrine system.

There’s a reason the word ‘shatavari’ means ‘plant with a hundred roots’ and ‘she who has a hundred husbands’!

We cook up a cauldron of shatavari at the office each morning, and enjoy the witchy ritual of sipping it slowly together throughout the day. Adding some antioxidant-rich goji berries to the brew makes for quite the treat, and the results have been profound! Here’s what we’ve been experiencing…

"I've watched my mother go through breast cancer and a masectomy as a result of hormone replacement therapy. So many women aren't aware that there are other options to support and nourish their natural processes through life. Connecting with the Woman Quintessence feels like much more than simply taking a rememdy. It feels like connecting in with the sisterhood that exists between women who swap herbs and advice and care. I love the ritual of cooking up a cauldron of herbs and embodying not just the effect of the medicine but the discipline of self-nurture. I feel very balanced on the Quintessence, it definitely increases libido and I have a specific sense of well-being and happiness." ~ Robyn.

“I’m completely ‘wellness besotted’ and continuously look for ways to improve my overall health and wellbeing. Over the years, I’ve experimented with loads of herbs to try to support my hormones naturally, but nothing has felt quite as good as the Woman Quintessence organic Shatavari. I’m only a couple weeks in, but for the first time in my life I can actually feel a noticeable difference in my mind and physical body, as well as a positive shift in my energetic being as a whole. I feel more grounded, energised and most importantly, more connected to my femininity. I’m excited to continue exploring this revered, ancient medicine.” ~ Kate

“Took my 1st dose of your Shatavari this morning. It's... incredible. Curbed desire to smoke, a super calm heart and unmatched motivation to connect with my home. I've spent the day cleaning, smudging, decorating. I'm so grateful. Thank you.” ~ Skye

“I think it may still be too early to say for sure what has changed as I've only been taking the True Spring Alchemy Shatavari for about two and a half weeks - so I will just list what is happening overall…
• Since I started taking the potion I have been inspired and motivated to start regular daily exercise.
• I’ve cleaned up my diet to where I am now vegan and eat mostly plant protein, high fibre greens, fruit, nuts and seeds.
• My general mood is optimistic.
• My body is becoming less bloated and stiff as each day passes.
• Belly fat is melting away significantly.
• No cravings to smoke in social situations or eat any sugar, caffeine, cacao or highly processed white food or dairy.
• I still have hot flushes but not as often and not as intense - only about 3 a day now where it used to be every hour!
Conclusion: I think my adrenals/endocrine system is gently healing and everything is coming into balance. I feel strongly that once the excess weight is gone and my fitness levels are back to what they were about 4 years ago, I will no longer have hot flushes. I don't think it's the Shatavari alone that is having all these effects, as I did start the clean diet at the same time – but as I discussed with you, I do think it is a big factor on an energetic/spiritual level. I think the potion is making a difference.” ~ Leila

“I've been taking the Woman Quintessence Shatavari for about a week, and I'm not sure if it’s the herb, the tea or the combination thereof, but I’ve been feeling rather 'happy for no reason'. Strong and content, despite any external factors.” ~ Lara

“Taking Woman Quintessence Shatavari I feel a deep calmness and a warm energised sexuality. My orgasms are deeper and I'm more juicy. I also had less premenstrual stress, softer cramps and my headache passed much quicker than it usually does. Since starting this I also don't want to eat any of the crap I often do. I'm not afraid of my next menstruation - I feel more balanced and calm.” ~ Nix

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