Tips from a Life Coach

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Tips from a Life Coach

The Human Coach, Enrique Schochen emphasises that, “From quite literally the moment we wake up, to the last moments of consciousness before sleep, we are living in opposition to our natural selves and our belonging in the natural world. Modern theory no longer recognizes us as what we are and always have been - homo sapiens and human beings. This is a pervasive condition. As we continue to fall victim to the increasing power of domestication and technology’s seductive power, we continue to sacrifice our humanness.”

He believes this is the root cause of dis-ease - mind and body (and spirit). But just how do we navigate a life that is in opposition to our human-ness and fraught with obstacles that thwart our ability to live in a truly authentic way?
After all, technology makes us feel connected – to the world, to other people, to new and interesting things. It’s likely you’re reading this on a device – you may be lying in bed with your tablet or smartphone in hand, or you could be taking a break from work, albeit still at your desk. Are you truly connecting or merely plugged in? And what about yourself?

Falling into a rabbit hole of series binge-watching or social media scrolling creates self-disconnection. And it’s not only technology – we so are inundated with information, choices and confusing messages about what it means to be a human being we lose ourselves in the process.

“Nobody will look back on their years regretting that they should have spent more time on Instagram. Look at top regrets of the dying, there’s one consistent theme – disconnection. Being disconnected from themselves, others and the experience of life. And this will include spending so much time behind screens. So, my advice is disconnect to connect. Re-engage and re-immerse yourself in the real world. Go on a hike and leave your phone behind. Put effort in to see people and have real human interaction. Spend time with real people doing real things in real places. That’s what this human life is about.”

The beginning, it seems, is to start at the root. You are human. That’s a fundamental truth. You are also an individual. With individual needs, desires, ambitions, hurts and a story - a journey. If you play tennis and desire to become a great tennis player, you’d get a coach. Your coach would assess your unique abilities and help you grow and enhance those abilities. Your coach would work with your weaknesses and strengths, enabling you to leverage both to become a great player. Your coach would help you to establish a healthy eating regimen, a fitness programme that works for your body and lifestyle, and walk the journey with you, encouraging you the whole way.

If you want to become a great human being and understand how your uniqueness can be enhanced, leveraged and built on, it stands to reason you’d need a coach. But what exactly is a human coach?

What coaching isn’t, is therapy. The traditional therapy model begins with the assumption that there is something wrong with the patient and they are therefore deficient or incapable. It’s problem focused and removes an element of agency. Coaching is the opposite as it’s solution focused. What do you want, not what’s wrong. What do you have control over versus who has control. Coaching is collaborative, it’s a relationship of co-discovering, co-exploring and co-creating.

All humans have immeasurable stores of wisdom, energy, genius and capability ready to be set in motion. Tapping into it, especially in the frenetic busy-ness of today’s world isn’t all that easy. It seems easier to merely float along when in fact, most people are really struggling to find balance, purpose and personal power in healthy and authentic way.

The word ‘adulting’ has become a common term for all things grown-ups have to do that they either hate, have no skill in or are scared of. After leaving school, most people are simply on their own, launched into the world and expected to cope – to know what food to eat, how best to exercise, how to build strong relationships, be effective at work, and the list goes on. Most people flail about and then simply automate their lives and create distractions so they don’t have to delve into perceived failures or fears.

“Life is complicated. Our society holds the illusion that once you’re 18, finished with school,  and your parents had some time with you, awesome, you’re sorted, now go out there on your own and excel at life. What? So I don’t see what’s so crazy about the idea you need to be coached to live life well. The systems we live in don’t provide or even encourage that. That’s not what you learn in school or University. That’s something a fortune few of us get at home. How to live a full, healthy, meaningful, connected life, that’s something we’re apparently supposed to figure out on our own. How? It doesn’t make sense. Anyone who thinks they’re going to get through life alone is mistaken. Everybody needs a coach, whether that’s what they’re labelled or not. Parents, parental figures, teachers, actual coaches, mentors, they each embody the essence of a coach – somebody to talk to, somebody who listens, someone with knowledge you don’t have, someone to stand by your side when the going gets tough, someone who has your back. Someone who cares, who understands, who wants the best for you. And as a coach, my mission is just that, to be there for you through thick and thin,” explains Enrique, The Human Coach.

The saying, ‘you only have one life, live it’ still rings abundantly true. Wouldn’t you rather live a full, authentically connected life that’s designed specifically for your unique humanness than exist disconnected from yourself, your purpose and your truth?

About Enrique The Human Coach:
Enrique is an ADAPT trained health coach and has a doctorate from the school of brutal experience. He is an autodidact of extensive multi-disciplinary interests including food, movement, sleep, stress, healing, ancestral and natural wisdom, consciousness and mindfulness.
Contact: 083 276 9333 |


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