Unearthing Your Spirit through Nature

Unearthing Your Spirit through Nature

South Africa has long been an intensely spiritual country, with large swathes of the population adhering to a wide range of religions. However, institutions have always struggled to promote spirituality to young people who aren’t interested in religion like their parents and older generations. What is less publicised is that spirituality doesn’t have to be about religion. There are so many ways of finding a sense of inner spirituality and peace. One particularly good way is through nature and paying attention to nature’s beauty - which is abundant in South Africa.

Why Have Spirituality?

Spirituality is best described as your sense of spirit, or soul. It’s how you connect with the world around you, and how you see yourself connected to the forces that combine to make up our planet and our lives.

The benefits of spirituality are profound, with research suggesting that spirituality is the key to happiness. This research demonstrated that those with a well-defined sense of spirituality are able to weather adverse events and hardship better and find themselves with a stronger sense of mental health. It isn’t particularly difficult to get into, either - there are plenty of ways to re-awaken your spirituality.

Joining With Nature

One of the most effective ways to develop your sense of spirituality is to reconvene with nature. Nature, if you think about it, is the most basic aspect of human life. It’s what we’re born in, what came before and will likely come after. Nature is both seen - what you can observe with your eyes - and unseen, which refers to the systems underneath, how nature interacts naturally.

You can convene with nature by going headfirst into it. Take yourself away from distraction and into nature, and think deeply about your surroundings; absorb it, and meditate. South Africa is excellent for nature as we’ve already discussed.

Rejecting Modernity

An important aspect of regaining your sense of spirituality (and especially in relation to nature) is to, to an extent, reject modern technology and try and get back to basics. Of course, we rely on many of our devices for day-to-day life. But, in your spare time, think about putting your smartphone down and embracing nature instead. Take time to meditate on your experiences, or head into nature as we’ve covered, and remove yourself from the intense distractions modern technology offers.

Spirituality isn’t necessarily religion - or vice-versa. Using nature to develop a sense of self is helpful for anyone, though particularly young people who are disdainful of religion. Head into the country, inhale the fresh air and think about what makes the world tick - you could be better off for it.

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