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Rather than making resolutions, create intentions, says leading Human Coach Enrique Schoch da Silva. There’s an art to living and having someone witness your goals, your dreams, your aspirations and then guiding you and supporting you towards their fruition is an invaluable investment. It’s all about being intentional and putting a framework in place to make sure you go in the direction you want to go. With a wise, empathic and skilled coach you get to uncover aspects of yourself you may not be aware of, you create a trusted container to brainstorm opportunities and make informed decisions. Very often, having someone to whom you make a decision to be accountable to, the discipline of implementing a more intentional and goal oriented life becomes highly enriching.  This is what Enrique offers.

In short, engaging with a life coach, or a Human Coach, is a highly effective way of living a life uniquely designed for you. Start with intentions rather than goals. “You are far more in control of your intentions than goals, because who else but you is responsible for your effort?” says The Human Coach, Enrique. 

So what is the starting point towards setting intentions? With so much information available to us, how do we discern what is true, what works, and what is reliable?

The first step, says Enrique, is to be truthful, especially to yourself. Here are some of his tips on beginning the journey towards self-understanding:

• Take honest stock of the way you decide to spend your days and the quality of life satisfaction that’s bringing.
• Observe how you talk, who you spend time with, what you do and pay attention to how that makes you feel.
• Ask if you’re using your time consciously or distracting yourself from yourself.
• Listen to the thoughts that bounce around in your mind just before you go to sleep (his theory is that’s when your truest self gets the most airtime).
• Ask if you’re proud of yourself.

Then take responsibility for your life. Not only is nobody going to create your best life for you, nobody can. It’s up to you and you are capable of it. The future is simply an expression of the choices you make and actions you take. When you step up and own your life that responsibility sets your inner hero and healer free.

An important step is to re-engage and re-immerse yourself in the real world. Nobody is going to look back on their years regretting that they should have spent more time on Instagram. If you look at all of the top regrets from interviews with people at the end of their lives, there’s one consistent theme – disconnection. This includes people being disconnected from themselves, from others, from the experience of life; lacking courage and truth to live authentically; working too hard and sacrificing human relationships.

Get to know yourself better, live a more authentic life and walk your journey with intention – get in touch with Enrique, The Human Coach and let him walk that journey with you.
About Enrique The Human Coach:

Enrique is an ADAPT trained health coach and has a doctorate from the school of brutal experience. He is an autodidact of extensive multi-disciplinary interests including food, movement, sleep, stress, healing, ancestral and natural wisdom, consciousness and mindfulness. Although based in Johannesburg, his Skype sessions are just as powerful.
Contact: 083 276 9333 | or email him on

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