Creativity, Mind & Abundance

Ever heard of macrame? It may seem like a fairly complex fibre art, but at the end of the day it really just comes down to tying some knots!

Everyone at some stage or another has questioned the meaning of life, has felt that there must be something more, perhaps even felt compelled to search for experiences that bring deeper meaning....

Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi

From juggling and drumming to meditation and sleep therapy, business executives are trying everything to manage the excessive stress that can eventually lead to strokes, heart attack or total...

Life Coach

Are you looking for clarity, change or excellence in your life, career, health, business or relationships?


A thought-provoking piece by Joseph Goldstein on meditation in daily life. 

We tend to spend most of our time in the grip of our thoughts – at times jumping around here, there and everywhere – the typical distracted “monkey-mind” – and at other times spinning out about...


Egypt offers a host of unforgettable experiences. Enjoy a magical stay on the west bank of Luxor, or make your home in a small Egyptian-owned hotel in the village of Habu.


Make your next weekend away really count by restoring your body, mind and spirit at a beautiful retreat centre near you. 

South Africa has long been an intensely spiritual country, with large swathes of the population adhering to a wide range of religions. However, institutions have always struggled to promote...

Meditation, Mindfulness, Retreats

Putting your body into its deepest state of relaxation once a day, even if it is just for a few minutes can have a powerfully beneficial effect on your health. Besides being an incredible anti-...

Psychic Healing

There are many fascinating reasons why we might seek the help of a psychic. There may be a mystery in our lives we are keen to solve, a recent loss we need help overcoming, or a sense of being...


Creating a beautiful, serene space set aside for spiritual or meditative pursuit can help connect you with a calmer more elevated version of yourself and enter a profoundly relaxed state of mind....

Being organised is a state of mind that anyone can adopt. It involves a lot of decluttering, prioritising and decision-making.

Although many of us question our existence, who ever gives a thought to the birth experience or the time spent in the womb? Surely such a profound event deserves some debriefing? We explore the...

Women tend to naturally assume the role of relationship caretaker. We look at how, why and the effect of this on a romantic relationship.

Women’s Health

Women all over the world use each other’s company to de-stress and find comfort, sharing their issues in a more intimate manner than men. Homeopath Dr. Barbara Lewis explains that psychologists...


Breathe new life into your world with this ancient pranayama practice.

Spiritual School, Holistic Healing

Explore the underlying principles of life and learn how to use them to master your life at METAVarsity. 

Mindfulness, Meditation, Breathwork

Imagine how much energy and vitality you would have if you were truly able to recharge your mental batteries three times a day…

Breathwork, Holotropic Breathwork

As a profound tool for purifying and revitalizing the body, we recommend regular practice of the four main breathing techniques used in a discipline called Acu-Yoga.