Family & Natural Cures

Herbal Remedy

While speaking to the fiercely passionate botanical researcher and developer Steve Hurt, we realise he is a man on a mission. A mission we should all be aware of and one that involves developing...

Extracted from the cannabis plant, cannabis oil can be beneficial in alleviating a range of illnesses and conditions.

Womens Health, Herbal Remedy

Gone are the days of ‘being hormonal’ levelled as an insult. Women (and men) are finally interrogating the myths, assumptions and misinformation surrounding women’s hormones.


Deep breathing is known to be calming; it deepens respiratory patterns and reduces the pulse by 10 to 15 percent.

Yoga, Tai Chi, Chinese Medicine

Looking more deeply into the human condition to alleviate the stress and disease troubling so many of us, we find ourselves borrowing techniques and philosophies used for centuries in the East....

Escape to the magnificent Santé Wellness Retreat & Spa in Paarl for a life-changing wellbeing experience...


Reflexology is a gentle art, a fascinating ancient science and a helpful form of therapeutic foot massage that has carved an impressive niche in the field of complementary medicine. We explore the...


Byron de Carvalho, the face behind South Africa's first float lab, shares his deeply personal journey into discovering the joys of float therapy. 

Aromatherapy Massage and Aromatherapy

A helpful guide to making sure you choose the best quality aromatherapy oils...


Spoil yourself to a great massage in the Mother City.


Relax and reset with a skilled massage therapist in the city of gold. 


Holistica practitioner and Reiki Master Lorraine Vorsatz recounts her deeply personal journey with reiki and lineage healing. 

Sunscreen is a standard in any beach bag with every bit of summer advice recommending a good dose of it, but what exactly are we putting on our bodies? Research shows, depending on the ingredients...

Gorgeous glowing and blemish free skin is one of the biggest beauty assets you can have. The right dose of vitamins, minerals, Omegas and antioxidants will help guard against sun damage, skin...

‘Exhausted’, seems to be the standard reply whenever I ask someone how he or she is feeling. After much research into why we are all so tired it seems as simple as the fact that we are not getting...

Flower Essences

If we see the earth as the body; the sky the great spirit; rocks akin to the mind; then flowers equate to the emotional or feeling plane of the ecosphere.

Women’s Health

Just as being in touch with nature’s cycles offers a deep connection; the changing seasons, waxing and waning of the moon, sunrise and sunset, similarly a connection with our body cycles can also...

Women’s Health, Tantra

Warm up between the sheets this winter...

Hot Stone Massage, Massage

Having wooed and seduced the United States, then Europe, we are delighted that hot stone therapy massage is now available in South Africa.  

Avoid insomnia with sound sleep well tips. Learn how to de-stress, invest in a good mattress and take natural supplements.