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We introduce a few of our favourite health spots in Durbs.


A roundup of some of the best spots for Jozi grub that's both delicious and nutritious. 


Want to be healthier in 2018 but love eating out? These spots will make nourishing your body a real treat.


Resist the temptation to eat junk food during holiday season by preparing healthy snacks for those long car hauls and beach picnics.


Revere your food for maximum nourishment and enjoyment. 


Hands up if you think you have some kind of food intolerance. How about something that doesn’t quite agree with you?

It’s really important to fix this, especially if you’ve had niggly...

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Celebrated yoga teacher and healer Pritam Khalsa guides women in a way of eating that creates immense vitality and energy without craving and obsession, her years of knowledge help women bust...

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This tasty superfood smoothie from Feed Me Happy is packed with protein and a great post-workout treat.

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Dhal is a dried pulse (lentil, pea or bean) that is relatively quick and easy to prepare. It has the ability to absorb a variety of flavours from other foods and seasonings, and is high in...


Feast on food that’s good for your body and the planet with our roundup of amazing local vegan- and vegetarian-friendly restaurants.


Goat's milk consumption is on the rise in health-conscious circles the world over. We investigate why...

Ever since I read Viktorus Kulvinskas, Survival into the 21st Century (21st Century Publications), published a few decades ago I have been fascinated by the concept of breatharianism.

Solve entertainment dilemmas by going al fresco in an inspiring nature setting. Whether a humble sandwich on a windswept field of flowers, a bumper Italian spread in an enchanted forest or an...

It’s that time of the year again when long summer days stretch out delightfully and relaxation is the order of the day. Whether your December plans involve long lunches and festive dinners for...

Whether planning an elegant dinner party or a hippie-chic picnic, choose food, flavours and an environment to create an adventure of delight.

Start practicing regular detoxification, give your excretory organs a holiday and increase your levels of vitality and energy.

Using nutrition to fuel your body with everything it needs will keep cravings at bay and will help keep your weight at optimum levels. The College of Natural Health reports:


When it comes to understanding health, one of the most life-changing revelations is that the body has innate self-healing mechanisms that can successfully restore its balance and optimise health,...


If you've been experiencing ongoing health concerns with little to no relief, you're probably more than ready to dig deep into the root cause rather than just continue treating the recurring...


Rather than taking a few weeks out of your schedule to follow a strict regimented eating plan, or trying to negotiate the latest fad diet, make a toxin-free existence part of your lifestyle. Let...