Self-love is a wholly unselfish act; it enables you to live within a
We can create a greater connection to the world around us, 
Our sophisticated grey matter has awarded us first place 
on the food chain, yet research into this complex subject 
reveals that we still use only a fraction of our potential.
Mindfulness, Meditation
Many great mystical figures throughout the centuries have taught
enlightenment, almost all of them start off with
the instruction, ‘know yourself’. 

Ultimately it is our ‘self’ we are...
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The Holistic Principle works on the basis that every part of your physical body is connected to, and interacts with, every other part. It recognizes the interactions between the body, emotions,...

“Life will give you whatever experience is the most 
helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. 
How do you know this is the experience that you need? 
Alexander Technique, Movement Training
How we walk and move, from the tiniest micro movements 
to the most bold, often reveal areas of constriction 
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Intuitive coach, Nix Stephens presents 6 beautiful suggestions to negotiating a time of transition and uncertainty.

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We often live as if the present is the means to the future. This means we never live but hope to let living happen sometime in the future.

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The Human Coach, Enrique Schochen emphasises that, “From quite literally the moment we wake up, to the last moments of consciousness before sleep, we are living in opposition to our natural selves...

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Be intentional and connect with yourself this year

Rather than making resolutions, create intentions....

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Even if your house is flooded or burnt to the ground, whatever the danger that threatens it, let it concern only the house. If there’s a flood, don’t let it flood your mind. If there’s a fire, don...

Examine your relationship to time by finding out if you are an M-time person or a P-time person. This could revolutionise the way you interact with your day and teach you to make time work for you...

Meditation, Mindfulness
Jennifer Radloff reflects on a transformative experience at Dharmagiri 
Retreat Centre nestled in a mountain on the Lesotho border in 
the Southern Drakensburg.

Insects represent different parts of the psyche and carry valuable and important messages to us.

So if a spider, a fly or a cockroach shows up – gracefully thank it, find the message,...

Without us noticing, day-to-day living can slip into a rut leaving our more exciting and visionary persona abandoned in dreary routine.

For those involved in an active sex life, the very thought of celibacy could provoke a crisis. But many, who purposefully choose to abstain, claim that practicing ‘creative’ celibacy brings a host...

“Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” ~Buddha. Something about humans makes it possible for our thoughts to disconnect us from our bodies. Busyness and...

One of the strongest affirmations about yourself is your name, hearing it and saying it many times in a day can influence your identity and perhaps even your career. But how much power is vested...

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