Intro to Vedic Astrology Mastercourse
19 May, 9:00am to 20 May, 5:00pm

Intro to Vedic Astrology Mastercourse

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This is a masterclass course intensive into Vedanga Jyotisha, based upon an oral tradition in India dating back to the 16th century AD. What you will be taught in these two days is not found in available astrological books.

VENUE: Belvidere Manor, Knysna, South Africa

19 -20 May (9am to 5pm each day, all food and drinks provided)

Day 1: Establishing Proper Context & Fundamentals
• The difference between Jyotish and Vedāňga Jyotiśa. Where does Vedāňga Jyotiśa come from? What are the parts of Veda it is linked to and which parts of Veda are sister subjects for proper study and application of the subject
• Understanding the concept of deva and its direct implication to the practice of Jyotish. How many deva are there in Sanatana Dharma (aka “Hinduism”) and how does this feature into everyday life by looking at the Kalachakra and the creation of space and of the elements thereby
• How is time derived and conceived of in Jyotish. An overview of the Panchanga, the five limbs of time
• Considerations about the polarity of space and the polarity of time, and the important role of light in that context. Therefore, we understand the relationship between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs as reference frames of awareness
• How is the sidereal zodiac derived, the logic of the signs contained in it, and therefore understanding the roles the planets play in our experience of life
• Introducing the nakshatras and the derivation of the zodiac signs therefrom, finally bringing us to the important consideration of the Moon and its relationship to the zodiac and nakshatras
• The philosophy of karma and its relation to Vedāňga Jyotiśa
• The signs and their relationship to one another
• The archetypes of the planets and their actions or intent
• The houses and their meanings and significators
• Primary planetary states and conditions
• Case studies

Day 2: Application of Fundamentals, Spirituality and the Soul
• Working with the Janma nakshatra (birth constellation) and our roots
• Basic health considerations pertaining to personal vitality and energy management
• Basic insights into career and the nature of lifestyle
• A look at the primary Life Path
• Working with the Janma nakshatra and achieving happiness in the world
• The spiritual significance and role of the Atmakaraka (soul significator) and its role in life within the context of karma
• Indications toward Yoga from the Atmakaraka and other primary chart factors

Cost / Pricing: 
R3000 pp before 1 May, R3600 afterward (includes all recordings, food, handouts, bonus videos, etc)
Teacher / Instructor: 
Theodore Naicker

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