Health and Welness Conference with support from Pilatelicious
14 Nov, 8:30am to 16 Nov, 6:30pm
0839695531  Protea Hotel, Fire and Ice; Adr: 64 New Church St, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, 8018

Health and Welness Conference with support from Pilatelicious

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Couple words about this Conference.

This Conference is in conjunction with the 4th International Conference for Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry. and the 2nd International Autistic Spectrum Disorder Conference.

This event is particularly an Innovator and stimulating meeting which provides cutting-edge information on two subjects particularly that is Psychology and Holistic Health Care. This stage provides an opportunity for everyone to get the idea about the recent advancements in the field of Psychology and Health Care. It gives a great chance to exchange or share ideas and establish a collaboration amongst the eminent people across the globe and provided B2B networking. And congratulations on joining this Conference of enlightening professionals and entrepreneurs who are taking serious action to raise the standards up their influence in every area of their lives. At this Conference, we're deconstructing innovation, health, wellness, and aa the relationships and influences. Your potential and happiness is the core of this event! You can present your innovation or share your experiences, get what you want in positive ways! Dr. Elia Gourgouris, happiness expert will be guiding you.

On the other note, we’ve got a group for showing daily/weekly to share exclusive content, start important conversations and answer all of your burning questions, researches and other content related. Head over to join the group and introduce yourself to the rest of us: Share your subject and give us insides,


Olessia Gorkov

Committee and Conference member 

Cost / Pricing: 
various from R590.00
Teacher / Instructor: 
Lana Stevic, Evangelia, Mario,Loren

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