An Ayurvedic Immersion
4 Apr,
10:00am to 3:30pm

An Ayurvedic Immersion

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At this workshop, experience the ease of living a life aligned with your dosha i.e. your Ayurvedic constitution.

Come and co-create a daily routine that supports your dosha using tools you will explore deeply at the workshop:
daily cleansing routines, heart centred meditation, yoga and Ayurvedic nutrition.

The workshop begins with daily cleansing routines, followed by meditation, an intrinsic part of good health and recommended for all dosha types.
You are then guided through yoga routines that support your dosha.
Nutrition is key in Ayurveda. We explore, for each dosha, the impact what we eat and how and when we eat it, has on our digestion. Participate or watch as we cook a tri-doshic meal. We end with eating the happy feast we've created together.

The facilitators:

  • Michele Mistry: Ayurvedic Nutrition partner from INDIKAAP Ayurvedic Vegan, Cape Town
  • Lerato Latebele-Belandren: Meditation partner from the Heartfulness Institute, Cape Town
  • Elsa Van Niekerk: Yoga partner fromThe Yoga Room, Cape Town

The act of creating space and time for who we are, as we are right now is the start to unlocking good health and abundant energy.
This energy can be directed toward being the truest version of ourselves, with Grace and kindness.

What you can expect
• Breakfast on arrival
• An immersion into everyday life practicing Ayurveda.
• Morning routines: body cleansing using natural products
• 20 min guided meditation with a Heartfulness practitioner.
• 30 min yoga routine for each dosha.
• Ayurvedic teas
• Understanding our dosha and how it is affected by our nutrition
• How to create quick and easy meals for any dosha using Ayurvedic principles
• A Tri-doshic meal prepared and eaten together
• Access to group support after the workshop

Who should attend?
• Anyone with a high stress lifestyle
• Anyone experiencing bone loss, loss of hair or dry & brittle nails
• Anyone experiencing fatigue
• Anyone experiencing slow metabolism of poor digestion or acid reflux
• Anyone interested in Ayurveda, with some understanding of its principles
• Anyone already following an Ayurvedic lifestyle and looking to gain support from a group
• Anyone looking to adapt their lifestyle toward a nurturing and grounding one

Sat 29th Feb, Venue: The Yoga Room - Vredehoek, Cape Town
Sat 4th April, Venue: Soul - Woodstock, Cape Town

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Michele Mistry, Lerato Letebele, Elsa van Niekerk

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