Bio-energy Level 1A Energy Healing Diploma Course incl Chi Kung
18 Jan (All day) to 19 Jan (All day)

Bio-energy Level 1A Energy Healing Diploma Course incl Chi Kung

LISTING > Bioenergetic Balancing and Healing, Craniosacral Therapy Workshop in Pinelands

Bio-energy transforms stress into vitality to overcome the pressures of modern life.

The core of Bio-energy Healing is the concept of treating the whole person rather than isolated symptoms. Energy should be in a continuous state of flow for a healthy state of being. When this energy becomes blocked, stagnant, or unbalanced it can affect your well-being on a physical and non-physical level.

Treatment: Restoring a person’s healthy and abundant flow of energy encourages the entire being to heal and repair itself. Treatment takes approximately 45 minutes over three consecutive days during which an experienced therapist uses a network of hand movements to scan and balance the life forces within and around the human body.  Also included in this course is Chi Kung training which helps the therapist to become sensitive to energy and to have a deeper understanding of the Energy flows throughout the Human field.

Course: The HiddenMind Bio-energy Diploma Course takes place over 2 x 2 day weekends and 2 x 3 day weekends. The course is for both fully qualified practitioners and beginners.

Cost / Pricing: 
2 day weekend including notes, coffees & teas: R3,000.00 - Bring & share lunch
Teacher / Instructor: 
Diana Smith

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