Bio-energy Level 1B Diploma Course
6 Feb (All day) to 7 Feb (All day)

Bio-energy Level 1B Diploma Course

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Bio-energy transforms stress into vitality to overcome the pressures of modern life.

The core of Bio-energy Healing is the concept of treating the whole person rather than isolated symptoms. Energy should be in a continuous state of flow for a healthy state of being. When this energy becomes blocked, stagnant, or unbalanced it can affect your well-being on a physical and non-physical level.

Treatment: Restoring a person’s healthy and abundant flow of energy encourages the entire being to heal and repair itself. Treatment takes approximately 45 minutes over four consecutive days during which an experienced therapist uses a network of hand movements to scan and balance the life forces within and around the human body.

Course: The HiddenMind Bio-energy Diploma Course takes place over 2 x 2 day weekends and 2 x 3 day weekends. The course is for both fully qualified practitioners and beginners.

Cost / Pricing: 
2 day weekend including notes, coffees & teas: R3,000-00
Teacher / Instructor: 
Diana Collins Smith

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