Anna Prinsloo Free Flow Therapy
4 De Cock Avenue, The Vines, Constantia, Cape Town; alternatively Dassenheuwel Lane, Noordhoek.
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Anna Prinsloo Free Flow Therapy

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Sound Healing
Fascia Release
Bioenergetic Balancing and Healing
Anna Prinsloo Free Flow Therapy offers Sound Healing, Fascia Release, Bioenergetic Balancing and Healing in


Anna Prinsloo practices a variety of modalities to suit the individual needs of her clients. She has studied with various local and internationally-renowned therapists to explore progressive techniques in the field of manual bodywork, myofascial release and energetic healing. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCT in 2002 with a BSc in Physiotherapy. Anna has completed a two year internationally accredited certification in energy healing with the School of Intuition and Healing. She has also completed a certificate in non-medical hypnosis and a diploma in regression therapy with the Past Life Regression Academy (recognized by the European Association of Regression Therapists). She is a member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.


We also are beginning to understand the role of intention as a keystone to healing. Energetic healing involves working with intention on the subtle energy system to bring about a healthy and balanced flow of energy. This modality requires a refined sensitivity on behalf of the practitioner to enable them to perceive and respond appropriately to the subtle energy system to facilitate the necessary energetic shifts to bring about healing. Sound healing uses consciously directed frequencies of vibration (created with voice and instruments) to transmute and harmonize the bio-energetic system of the human being.

Anna has studied many different forms of energy healing (including metaphysical healing, Reiki and various other shamanic practices) and has found her passion in sound healing. Sound is a carrier wave of consciousness and facilitates profound states of healing.  Anna facilitates both individual and private group healing sessions. She also teaches sound healing classes and conducts Sacred Sound Ceremonies. During the ceremony participants are able to experience a sound healing journey created by vocal harmonics, quartz crystal singing bowls, a gong, a Native American prayer flute, an Indian harp and various other instruments. Anna provides sacred music for weddings, rites of passage and memorials.


Anna has studied various methods of myofascial release and manual therapy. She trained in ‘Integrative Fascial Release’ with Steven Goldstein (Australia), which is based on the pioneering work by Sharon Giammatteo and the osteopathic concept of ‘strain/counterstrain’. Anna also uses direct manual techniques according to the ‘Anatomy Trains Concept’ by Thomas Myers. She is a certified DORN practitioner. She is particularly interested in how the fascia (connective tissue) of the body can be worked with to facilitate potent release of tension held in the body. The body can then rebalance itself and find its natural harmony. The nervous system can be profoundly affected through subtle manual stimuli. This allows the body to release tension and redirect this energy for repair and maintenance processes. Our habitual postures and compensatory behavioural patterns become locked into our connective tissue over time, thus creating imbalance and stress in the tissues. In certain areas the connective tissue is shortened, while in other areas it become over-lengthened. The muscles in these areas struggle to function in an over-lengthened position. Soft tissue imbalance eventually leads to a variety of conditions such as repetitive strain injuries and joint problems due to excessive compression. A balanced body is a body which is free to move. This body-glove of connective tissue is the key to releasing tension in the muscles, connective tissues and joints thereby restoring our natural freedom of movement. Muscle strength imbalances are assessed and corrected through various muscle activation techniques and movement.


Using hypnosis as a tool for accessing deeper states of consciousness the client is guided through an inner process of reclaiming and integrating ‘shadow’ aspects of the Self. These aspects of the Self are valuable aspects of our being that have previously been disowned or fragmented due to childhood trauma or limiting beliefs. The work is to become consciousness of these parts of ourselves that have been denied, thereby accepting and integrating them so we are able to be more authentically ourselves. A process involving guided visualization allows one to access our consciousness at different key developmental ages and reframe our beliefs and experiences. The process is safe, gentle and empowering.


Anna Prinsloo practices from the Syringa Integrative Health Centre at 4 Wembley Avenue in Plumstead and from a private studio Noordhoek (depending on the modality).
Contact: 0723804830 (SMS or whatsapp preferred)

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10 - 20yr
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Bsc Physiotherapy UCT 2002 (Magna Cum Laude), 2 yr Cert Energy Healing (Accredited with the BAHA), Dip Past LIve Regression, Cert Hypnosis
R500p/h manual therapy and energy healing; R500p/h sound healing

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