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Michelle Levy (Sung Healing)
61 Arum Road, Blouberg
0721843038  www.sunghealing.co.za
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Michelle Levy (Sung Healing)

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Dorn Method
Tai Chi
Michelle Levy (Sung Healing) offers Dorn Method, Acupuncture, Tai Chi in Blouberg

I practise Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which encompasses many holistic modalities of healing such as Acupuncture (the insertion of fine needles), Tui-Na massage and Moxibustion (burning of the Chinese herb – Artemisia Vulgaris). These modalities are used to treat the cause of a wide variety of conditions naturally targeting the body as a whole.

I also offer Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes - ancient forms of Chinese Martial Art which use a series of gentle, graceful movements. Traditionally used as healing modalities, they are now also used as an effective way to relieve stress, balance the body and mind as well as an effective way to keep fit.

Furthermore, I incorporate the DORN Method - a gentle form of spinal and joint realignment using the body’s natural movement to assist in the process. Using rhythmic swings and gentle manipulation, I am able to align the vertebrae and joints effectively without stressing muscles or the structure in any way. Another form of spinal therapy I use is Breuss Massage, which is specifically used to stretch and realign the spinal column by elongating the spine and creating space between the discs and vertebrae so that movement is free. 

Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
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Advanced acupuncture
Tai chi and qi gong practitioner
DORN method and Breusse massage practitioner
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