Nothing to Grasp
24 Jun, 2:00pm to 27 Jun, 3:00pm

Nothing to Grasp

LISTING > Dance, Body Harmony Retreat in Umzumbe

Guided by embodiment practitioner Samantha Prigge

How can we learn to embrace change, to let go and let flow? This 3-day retreat invites you to practise meeting the unknown with curiosity and openness. We will dissolve tension and delight in play. We will move out of stale narratives to embrace the vitality of existence. The moving meditations – both solo and in collaboration with a partner - will pay special attention to grounding, attuning, listening and responding, following pathways of least resistance. Like a Zen koan, this retreat invites deep acceptance through embodying the paradox of finding our feet while falling.

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Sam Prigge

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