Yin and Breath Workshop
17 Aug,
2:00pm to 4:30pm

Yin and Breath Workshop

LISTING > Yin Yoga, Breathwork Workshop in Constantia

Breathe in…Breathe out. Connect with your breath and unravel to your core :)

In this workshop you will learn effective and simple, everyday breathing techniques to balance your nervous system, relieve stress and improve emotional wellbeing. You will experience the power of the Breath and feel renewed and rejuvenated with new Life force energy.

We will dive deep into our connective tissue and our meridian channels through Yin Yoga postures. A practice of long-held, deeply relaxing poses that open and energize the meridian pathways of the body; restoring joint mobility as you quietly activate and gather your Chi, your Prana - your Life Force.

Breathwork is the use of Breath awareness and Conscious breathing for growth, healing, personal awakening and transformation in mind, body and spirit.

Relieve stress and emotional blockages
Deep relaxation and increased clarity
Improve flexibility and joint mobility
Cleanse and rejuvenate your body
Expand awareness of self

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Jean Rossouw

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