DIY Stress Release Mini-Workshop
27 Jun,
7:15pm to 8:30pm

DIY Stress Release Mini-Workshop

LISTING > Body Stress Release, Energy Healing Event in Eastern Cape

Join Helen Hansen, a transformational facilitator and kinesiologist, as she takes you through ways in which to:

1. Calm your body and mind with stress-release techniques
2. Use easy and quick stress release tools for many different situations.

Why is Stress Release important?
Stress which builds up can wreak havoc in ones life causing;
physical illness, unhealthy relationships, toxic thoughts and poor concentration.

Since 1997 Helen has worked with thousands of people of all ages (3 years to 60+) using specific mind-body techniques to promote self-healing, transformation and manifestation within the individual.

Using these techniques you will learn to transform your body, mind and emotions.

Fee : R80 if paid in advance, R100 at the door

Space is limited so please ensure that you book your place in advance by EFT into the following account:


Use DIYSTRESS + (your name) as reference and send POP to

Cost / Pricing: 
Teacher / Instructor: 
Helen Hansen

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