The Mystic Woman - Retreat
16 Jun, 1:00pm to 20 Jun, 7:00am

The Mystic Woman - Retreat

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A Temple weekend Retreat of Mystical Practices that offer you connection you to your True Divine Essence. Allowing you space to explore the Sacred Embodiment of Being Alive.

We will gather in a small group of woman to dive deep into Traditional Tantric Practices and a Shamanic Journey.
Connecting with Your Feminine Body Form, your Sacred Sexuality and your Soul Essence. Remembering the Beauty of Being.

A weekend devoted to the Ritual of Remembering.



This retreat is for any woman wanting to know more of themselves...
Desiring for more connection, more Soul, more Wholeness.
Those seeking to embrace their Sacred Sexuality. Feel their creative Power & Aliveness.
Those who want to connect to their Body & Heart wisdom and release any barriers or pieces of shame.
Those wanting to let go of any of the ’not good enough’ and ‘I am too much’ stories.
Those wanting to step more into their Power and own more of their Pleasure.
Those wanting to know Desire and connect to their own Erotic Wisdom.

Someone who seeks Truth and wants to peel back the layers to reveal more.
More of the essential essence.

As always, I welcome ALL of YOU.
This will be a space of freedom.

Freedom to express. Freedom to play, Freedom to fuck up, Freedom to be held, Freedom to connect.
Freedom to just BE YOU.

To practice with friends and guides the Art of Being Human.
Re-membering more of yourself.
Calling more aspects of yourself into Awareness and Wholeness.

Awakening deeper to the Mystery of YOU.



This retreat will be within 1 hour from Cape Town CBD.
You can expect a small intimate venue with lots of warmth. A big fireplace and hot baths for the evenings (or mornings :)). Lots of nature.
The venue will be luscious and fit for the Goddess that is you.
Venue announced on booking.

3 meals will be provided daily. The food will be vegetarian, healthy & sumptuous. Awakening all the good senses of the body. Please let us know of any diet requirements.


Arrival Thursday 16 June 2022. Lunchtime. (It is a public holiday)
End Monday 19 June 2022. Morning early, you will be able to go to work on this day if you need to.


Includes everything except transport to and from the venue. Lift sharing will be offered in the group.

A 50% deposit secures your place. Payment plans available on request.
This is not refundable unless the retreat is cancelled, or you are of course ill and cannot attend.

Any & all questions welcome.

Cost / Pricing: 
Teacher / Instructor: 
Alexandra Diepering

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