Sexual Awakening Retreat: 2 Days Online Tantric Exploration
14 May, 8:00am to 15 May, 10:00am

Sexual Awakening Retreat: 2 Days Online Tantric Exploration

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"Tantra is for those seekers whose longing for the truth is stronger than their craving for a comfortable life"

- Dr Shakti Malan


14 - 15 May | 3 sessions | All sexual orientations invited | R2200 | Online | to book

This two-day online exploration will include 3 group sessions for all sexual orientations.


Saturday 14 May 8 - 9 30am
14 May 5 - 6 30pm

Sunday CHURCH 15 May 8 - 10am



Answering the call to deeply explore the inner workings of the body as we surrender into the awakening surges of sexual energy.

All teachings and practices shared are taught from the traditional Tantric lineage of Kashmiri Shaivism. We will be creating a space where we hold one another in radical self-expression as we experience for our own unique selves what it means to embody sexuality in the purest form.

To awaken sexually is to become self-realized, this is the path of individuation. Who are you beyond your mind's limiting beliefs? When we drop into the desires of the body and allow vital life force to rise up through the heart and expand through the entire body we are being offered a wonderful and graceful opportunity to meet existence just where She is. Observing all She has to offer in the moment.

A place of pure receptivity and divine devotion.

Come and join us for two days of immersive practice. The teachings come from a place of pure intuitive transmission  and the practices will include but are not limited to Tandava, Yoni/Lingam worship, channeling breath to dance life force from pelvic bowl and up into the rest of the body, revealing your natural and effortless sexual expression.

So much comes from just arriving and showing up as a group, let's see what spontaneity has to offer us.

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