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Healing Touch for Women’s Health
453 Main Road, Cnr. Culross Rd., Bryanston
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Healing Touch for Women’s Health

LISTING > Aromatherapy Massage, Inversion therapy traction  in Bryanston

Aromatherapy Massage
Inversion therapy traction
Sports Massage
Healing Touch for Women’s Health offers Aromatherapy Massage, Inversion therapy traction, Sports Massage in Bryanston

A new massage studio is now available at the Naturally Yours Health-Centre. A few meters from the Weleda Pharmacy, we are situated between the French restaurant Chez Girard and Rose Rock Hair Design.

Therapy is by appointment, preferably reserved a day in advance.

Our therapist Felicity M. Klopcic is currently studying alternative medicine and nutrition further with CNH in Johannesburg.

The medicinal arts of reflexology, remedial massage, and aromatherapy are used to assist in women-specific health conditions. Through this non-invasive approach we can restore harmony and balance.

REFLEXOLOGY is a highly effective form of natural healing, where reflex points on feet are stimulated. These are connected to all bodily organs and glands. Massaging reflex points can raise awareness of sluggishness and congestion anywhere in the body, where therapy will focus, enable healing, and bring relaxation and harmony. Several, all too common conditions, respond well to reflexology:
i. Menstrual problems
ii. Menopausal conditions
iii. Stress
iv. Headache, migraine;
v. Sinus congestion
vi. Constipation
vii. Insomnia
viii. Neck pain and many others

AROMATHERAPY is an ancient healing, where several essential oils from herbs are specially mixed for help in ailments, which respond well:
i. Menstrual problems
ii. Menopausal conditions
iii. Skin disorders, such as acne, aging skin and eczema;
iv.  Tension headaches
v. Insomnia related to stress and anxiety

REMEDIAL OR THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE brings benefits much above deep relaxation. It is aimed to find muscular knots and trigger points, resolve them and ensure lasting freedom from pain and tension.

HOLISTIC MASSAGE improves circulation, eases tension and ensures internal peace and balance. These in turn influence our mental well being, and through us: well being of others.

INVERSION THERAPY has recently received much recognition from mainstream medicine, due to its benefits in stretching and relaxing spine and joints, improving their general condition and giving major boost to venal and lymphatic flow.

For more information contact felicitym.klopcic@gmail.com

Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
Listing Type: 
Remedial and Therapeutic Massage
Holistic Massage
Inversion Therapy
1 Hour session: R350 l 90 minute session: R500

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