The Heart of Permaculture
15 Nov, 5:30pm to 23 Nov, 9:30am
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The Heart of Permaculture

LISTING > Meditation, Green Living Retreat in Drakensberg

“We are in a challenge so great, a revolution so profound, that everything has to be re-examined, overturned, and reconfigured, at quantum speed.” Thanissara

So, what are the ramifications of climate chaos for us and how do we respond to the urgent call of our times? Professor Jem Bendell asks us to consider that climate change could be understood as an unfolding tragedy rather than as a problem that can be fixed and made to go away. This retreat is designed to help us explore “a way through the woods” by reconnecting with the natural world. We need to look for a way through the woods using Bendell’s three key words - Resilience, Relinquishment and Restoration. And we will not forget Reconnection and Love.

Cost / Pricing: 
R4700.00 - R5500.00 per person plus Donation for teachers & managers
Teacher / Instructor: 
Tim Wigley & Anne Keating


Feedback from the Yatra

Feedback from the Yatra retreat with Chandasara & Martin

Thank you for the amazing food, there are few places that I can eat. I am grateful for the environment created at Dharmagiri by Martin and Chandasara, to get in touch with self & my higher purpose. Philip
Here I found a place to be amonst the sacred mountains in the care and togetherness of beautiful souls. Thank you for helping me to honour the call of love inside of me ... and you. Gabrielle
Meditating, yoga, eating, talking & walking. I carry a memory of the last day as we wandered back from lunch at the big rock: strung out along the path with the Drakensberg Escarpment in the distance, blue sky above - reminding me of what I came to seek. Dan
My brief retreat at Dharmagiri left me with one clear mission: to return for more. The location, Chandassara's guidance, and the handful of amazing retreatants created the perfect Triple Jewel.  Dharmagiri offers a unique experience in part because it is so small, setting a natural limit to the number of participants, and hence ensuring more repeated, deepening interaction with the whole group (if there is interaction, which there was on this particular retreat). What a privilege to watch and hear a handful of other pilgrims unfold as they pursued their individual paths. Kittisaro and Thanissara, thank you for creating such a magical haven. Chandassara, thank you for your gentle and wise guidance. Dharmagiri is half way across the world for me, but as I noted, I'll be back. Nicolas

Feedback from Qigong retreat with Max Weier

A sacred space, a sacred place, The opening & encompassing chi has lovingly encompassed me. I shall return once more as the sacred mountain calls. Sharleen

A perfect balance ....... the Qigong, energy of Master Max and the generous cpmpassion of Dharmagiri & it's staff. Our humble thanks and good wishes. May we meet again soon. Dianne

Oh so good to be here again. Thank you Max for your abundance & spirit. Thank you Martin for the steadfastness with which you keep the fires burning, stable doors up & afdalkkies just right. Thank you Chandasara for the joy of witnessing your new Dharmagiri branches & Paul for the fine food & the swim at Riverland. For all that I may or may not pick up when I return to life as usual, the long breath of Qigong will keep me inspired. A deep bow to you all. Namaste, much love, Lorna

Thank you Max for this settling and balancing of the chi. This has beena precious time out of a busy space. Thank you for holding this sacred mountain sanctuary. Love, Mari

Thank you Max for focusing our awareness, expanding our awareness of inner body in balance with the outer physical body, in balance with the world around us. This has been a precious sacred time and I hope to return to Chi Kung on the sacred mountain. Thank you Chandasara for your quiet steady presence, to Martin & to paul for the wonderful food. Much love, Lyndy

As a machine needs service and maintenance, so too do our hearts & souls, body & minds. Dharmagiri is a workshop for our being, a sacred space, where lovingly & gently the mechanics of our consciousness are tuned and centred by skilled engineers. We are blessed by this love. Ian & Daniella

i leave with a sense of sacred spaciousness deep within. Thank you Max for your generous spirit which which you sared your Qigong. Thank you Martin & Chandasarafor your quiet & gentle care. Thank you Paul for your nourishing food & especially for the Portuguese custard tarts!!! Thank you Dharmagiri & thank you Thanissarar & Kittisaro. Deep love, Barbara

Feedback from "Healing through the Enneagram" with Anita Craig

Thank you Anita for sharing your knowledge & wisdom with us. I feel truly blessed & humbled at your capacity & willingness to give us all the "pattern for the key" which will help us to unlock the door to greater knowledge. Thank you to all at Dharmagiri for opening your doors & hearts to me. I will return.  Eve

Thank you Thanissara for inviting me. Thank you Anita and the team; Ian, Jane, Eve, Peter, Chandasara for making it such a rich transforming and healing experience. Thank you Martin, Meryl & Paul for the loving care & protection. I love Dharmagiri.  Fortune

Feedback from the Yatra retreat 2016

I left the desert, where I learnt what the heart wants, the mind requires, and the imagination feeds. I was waiting in the oceans, where I found out what the body needs. To finally arrive in the mountains, where I understood what the spirit grounds. Thank you with all my heart. Melissa

Feedback after Sue Cooper's retreat: 30 Oct to 5 Nov

Dear Martin, Chandasara and Paul, Thank you for a beautiful, nurturing space and retreat which enabled us to really relish our time here.  Blessing to you all.  Elloise.  Paul – the food was epic.

Thank you so very much for your loving kindness and compassion in making this space a special experience.  Thank you for your silent support and the most fantastic food.  Thank you.  Michelle.

May this beautiful soul sanctuary be kept alive to nourish the kind hearts of searching souls.  It has been an honour to feel so loved by the generosity of those that have made dharmagiri possible.  Namaste.  Blaire.

Thank you Paul, Martin, Chandasara and Sue for holding us with such love and care.  I feel immense gratitude at all the gifts I am taking away with me.  I have loved spending time on the mountain again, loved the thunderstorms, rain, wind, beautiful sunsets, sound of the jackals.  My soul feels replenished.  Much much love.  Ingrid.

I found a different and vibrant side of me here.  I will be eternally grateful.  Thank you for creating this space.  Lidalize.

Dear Chandasara, Martin and Paul, my deepest and sincerest gratitude for your love and nurturing.  This is an amazingly and beautiful gift to us all.  Andy.

Thank you Martin, Chandasara and Paul for such wonderful care and support and fabulous food, fire and friendship.  Love and metta, Sue.

I am so grateful to this place, a real treasure I feel it is.  Thank you chandASARA, Martin and Paul for the lovely food, and the quiet support.  It is a true and wonderful gift that I was allowed to find this place, the mountain was calling me, but I have found far more than that.  I will be back, inshalla, next year.  Sonja.

Thank you, thank you for this beautiful place, which has created such a fertile ground for the nurturing I feel.  I feel so whole and cared for and light.  Michelle – USA.

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