Mindfulness and Calm Abiding
29 Nov, 5:30pm to 2 Dec, 9:30am
084 799 0393  www.dharmagiri.org

Mindfulness and Calm Abiding

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A retreat that those beginning meditation will find accessible. Also those more experienced, and those wanting to reconnect with their practice.

Happiness and contentment should be part of our daily life, but somehow these natural feelings elude us. Meditation has proved to be particularly helpful to balance emotions and find a new and more meaningful approach to living. This results in much happier and more contented people. The retreat essentially covers various mindfulness & calm abiding practices. Experiencing these methods will enable those attending to incorporate them into their daily-life activity, whilst at the same time creating space to allow the mind to settle and to become more peaceful and focused.

Cost / Pricing: 
From R1850.00 in shared room to R2150.00 in single room + Donation to teacher & staff/ centre
Teacher / Instructor: 
Elizabeth Gaywood

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