The Work that Reconnects: Engaged Buddhist practice
11 Oct, 5:30pm to 18 Oct, 9:30am
0824735525  Dharmagiri Sacred Mountain Retreat Centre, Drakensberg Gardens Road, Underberg

The Work that Reconnects: Engaged Buddhist practice

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A week dedicated to silent contemplation on Buddha’s wisdom teaching of interdependence, wilderness walks, and Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects.

The transformation of suffering is what Buddhism is all about. It means to create a personal life of peace and joy, as well as a life-sustaining world. For this, we need to harmonise our inner world with the outer world. But how do we do this, living in such perilous times? The Buddha taught that all things are inter-dependent. Understanding this brings liberation from suffering. The Work That Reconnects, based on the teachings of the Buddha, take us through four stages beyond despair and shut-down, to rediscover our connection, and they ignite our power to act. Through these practices the future becomes do-able.

Cost / Pricing: 
R4150.00 - R4850.00 plus Donation for teacher & managers
Teacher / Instructor: 
Ani Tsondru

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