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Holistic Healing
Addiction Recovery
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Lyndsay Mana Muse offers Holistic Healing, Addiction Recovery, Online Course in Cape Town


Open to the free energy of The Muse, propelled by the heart and flowing with all of life's myriad flavours - aesthetics, relating, music, abundance, nature, sustainability...

Trained as a photographer and Montessori teacher. A devoted Tantra practitioner with a solid Yoga foundation. All this refracted through the lens of a profound underworld journey of addiction and a subsequent 12 year recovery process has gifted me with a refined sensitivity, insight and compassion to support others in their integration of shadow light.

An honouring pace and cyclical way between stillness and wild spirited movement is supported by a well developed emotional intelligence and therefore ability to embrace uncertainty and surrender to the moment.

I live to embody Love and naturally inspire deep engagement and creativity with Life to many.


Online mostly at present, due to global circumstances.

The great challenge we are confronted with is a clear indicator of a turning point, a shift in direction which may seem sudden shocking pressing. Its embrace begins within, and given the deeply ingrained conditioning and conditions to date both personally and collectively, we need to create space for the real gift to be granted. Space for healthy sustainable living aligned with the rhythms of the life force source of Nature. My practice is such a space, born of and utterly devoted to it. In Truth, I have spent my life seeking this place, the last 10 years mostly solitary. For a large part this intent impulse, burning desire, was misunderstood by myself and others. Painfully options ran dry until I had only One. Finally I received the lesson, I let go into deep acceptance of Reality - Life had Her Way of bringing me back to That, the space of Being, myself as a being. Here on offer is a wealth of experience to support your's however it looks. Undoubtedly it is time to simplify - together we will cultivate being present in every moment as it is, and from that space Life responding expressing its harmony through us.

Online sessions are a worthwhile exploration in and of themselves and now is the perfect time. As with all things working online has some limitations, however most parts of the practice can be included and it is proving a valuable container for creativity, mirroring and consolidating connection with oneself. I am enlivened by the opportunity for new emerging creations and in establishing solid foundations toward potential practise in person.

In-person sessions are dependent on my location and discretion.


As facilitator and mentor, here is an outline of my offerings closely interwoven as a full complement...


  • The body as a temple
  • Purification - diet, nutrition, cleanses and herbalism in collaboration with a close network
  • Strengthening the container for awakening energy
  • Intuitive movement led by life-giving forces, developed through a blend of breathwork, Yoga, Tantra, dance, Thai massage, fascia release, trauma releasing exercises, shaking, sound and voice
  • Cannabis oil enhanced practices (optional)


  • Freedom from addiction through core repatterning - physical, mental emotional, spiritual
  • Individuating journey from foundation through shadow towards a deepening and expansive self love
  • Authentic connection with others through Self
  • Inquiry based upon compassion
  • Mind training and mindfulness
  • Cultivation of feeling within stillness
  • Wellbeing lifestyle coaching - relationships, vocation, resource, creativity etc.
  • Entheogen microdosing facilitation (optional)
  • Entheogen ceremonial journeys in collaboration with a close network (optional)
  • Active support and growing pioneering community


  • Rare direct experience of energies merging - yogic tantrik shamanic
  • Heart activation 'healing' opening
  • Quality practice space for embodied journey
  • Deep touch (inc. 4-hand massage)


I invite you to trust and show up as you are. At whatever point you find yourself is perfect, a brilliantly unique practice will emerge tailored accordingly.

For simple enquiries and to schedule an appointment please contact me on +27791744152 via WhatsApp or Telegram MESSAGE ONLY .
For more detailed enquiries email me at


In loving service

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10 - 20yr
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Yoga Teacher Training | Moving in Awareness | Viktor van der Kleij | 2014-2019
Tantra Practice & Initiation | Sy Tzu & Wendy Dakini | 2015-2019
Shamanic Practice & Initiation | Sy Tzu & Vee Borg | 2015-2019
Shamanic Family Constellations | Guilherme Barcellos C. Souza | 2017-2018
Fascia Release Massage | Liza Kimble | 2016-2019
Various ongoing community practice and moderation
On request


L o v m e's picture
L o v m e

Pure Channel... Unfold into Being...

Lyndsay is a beautiful soul and being who has worked through much of her own path to come out the other side. Through her own journey of healing she has become so clear on her work and her intentions that her channels are pure and the space she holds for change to unfold so gentle, nourishing yet deep. If you are looking for true transformation and deep cleansing Lyndsay is definitely the right person to assist you with your transformation in becoming more you and living your life aligned with your truth. Thank you Lyndsay for all that you do.

True Muse

I have the privilege of working closely with Lyndsay. I have marveled at the courage and clarity with which she gives voice to her truth and the truth that extends beyond her, informed by a pure connection to what it is to be a woman. From her example I have found myself growing in the awareness and ability to be discerning, patient, unapologetically, thoroughly honest... always with sense of lightness and humour! The space that Lyndsay holds with and for me and our clients/students is a necessary and welcome place of grounded safety and awesome integrity. She has touched my life in a lasting way with her shining grace.
Dakini Wendy's picture
Dakini Wendy

Absolute Bliss

Lyndsay is awake to the presence of Potential in herself. She extends this quality of her Being to women and men and their embodiment. Her offering is a Divine gift to oneself.
Charles's picture

awakening presence

Even after one session with Lyndsay, I felt a deep rekindling of presence in my body. Lyndsay brings such passion and immediacy to her work, and it shows throughout every minute of the session. Her work has helped me continue my own journey towards self-acceptance and love, as well as helped me re-learn how to be present in my relationship with my partner.
William's picture

Beyond Recovery

Lyndsay is a great professional. She makes the experience extremely comfortable and has helped me breakthrough in terms of anxiety and breathing. It is an ongoing journey identifying and releasing the internal manifested blocks with massage, mantra and breath. I find it so exciting and am sure to continue.
Paul's picture

I am enough

Lyndsay has, over the course of this year, blessed me with her bodywork as well as her interest in and insightful understanding of me. Lyndsay has helped me to come to terms with and accept who I am, dark and light, male and female, strengths and weaknesses as a whole of the glorious creation that is me. She has had a profound positive effect on my journey and I have no doubt that through her healing hands and glorious understanding of truth, she will continue to encourage my growth in the future.
James's picture

Living Light

Lyndsay is beautiful, strong and totally clear. With these characteristics and a lifetime of hard gained lessons and tools at her disposal she has guided me into a self discovery process much deeper than the work I originally was drawn to do. As my process unravels she has held clear space for me to shed the layers that do not serve.... revealing the light of awareness within myself. Working with Lyndsay is a true gift to the Self, I highly recommend.

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