Barry Kantor - Alexander Technique Cape Town
5 Leinster Road, Green Point
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Barry Kantor - Alexander Technique Cape Town

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Alexander Technique
Barry Kantor - Alexander Technique Cape Town offers Alexander Technique in Cape Town

I teach, support and treat people just like you who come from all walks of life. Mostly, I help them to like themselves more fully. Some are performers, some are sportspeople, and some practice a martial art. Others have no special interest that they wish to perfect, apart from themselves. I support them all to be in control of their responses, thinking and physicality, more attuned and controlled in whatever they wish to undertake. They generally find the clarity and presence that is needed to make beneficial changes in their lives. They learn to take up their space in the world without the fear and armouring that corrupts posture, breathing and freedom from stress – whether the stress be physical, emotional or mental.

I trained at the Centre for Training in London – a three-year full-time training. Since then, for the past 24 years, I have been working mostly in Cape Town in private one-to-one sessions, helping people find ease and simplicity in their lives and movement. Twice a year I am engaged as a senior teacher at a training course in London, where people learn to become Alexander Technique teachers. I also work with groups and run a monthly group for Alexander-experienced people.

My sessions are designed to calm people down, help them be open, and find a new energy that is not driven or pushing. I give people practical insight and an experience of being open, moveable and free. They discover what it is to be fully conscious and self-directed. They become more willing and able to face challenges that their lives and relationships present, and find themselves less restricted by unconscious habits and reactions that interfere with their wellbeing. They gain insight and wisdom and an ability to make clear choices, in the ‘here and now’, learn to overcome judgment and holding back, which get in the way of flow and play.

I work on all channels, so people can learn physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, in a loving, intelligent and supportive environment.

Gender Exclusive: 
20yr +
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STAT cert. (UK); MSTAT (UK); MSASTAT (South Africa)


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Barry is the real deal; a

Barry is the real deal; a true master. He teaches the most practical and practicable way of uncovering and being your authentic true Self I've ever encountered. He gently shows you how to bring this powerful, natural, authentic way of being into all areas of your life so you can live a life of integrity and grace. Oh, and he also fixed my back pain as well.

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