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Anne Scharlow - Healing & Bodywork for Horses
Kommetjie, Cape Town, South Africa
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Anne Scharlow - Healing & Bodywork for Horses

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Animal Healing
Energy Healing
Holistic Healing
Anne Scharlow - Healing & Bodywork for Horses offers Animal Healing, Energy Healing, Holistic Healing in Cape Town


I am an Equine Bodyworker, practicing a very gentle modality which utilises light touch, intuitive knowledge and responses from the horse to release deep tension, stored emotions and muscular fascia.


A session can last between 45 and 60 minutes.

Each treatment may differ to the next depending on the needs of the horse. It is the horse who will indicate what areas need releasing. It is often the case that the perceived site of the injury or ‘problem’ is not necessarily indicative of the area that the horse needs attention.


Regular energy work will transform both the horse and the relationship between you and the horse. Because the horse is empowered to work with the practitioner and share their needs, they become more and more expressive around their requirements. Over time, and depending on the complexity of layers, you should see the horse shifting towards a more balanced version of him/herself. A truly rewarding journey for a horse and their person.

Benefits of this work include:

  • Enabling the body to tap into its innate wisdom so deep healing can take place - physically, emotionally & spiritually
  • Receiving guidance and wisdom from the horse being(s)
  • Settling the central nervous system
  • Reducing muscle tension & body stress
  • Increasing flexibility and range of motion
  • Reducing and relieving pain
  • Stimulating the immune system
  • Promoting the healing of injuries; assisting with injury prevention
  • Remedying misalignments caused by ill-fitting saddles or harsh training methods


My practice is located in Kommetjie, Cape Town and I am available to travel within South Africa.


There is a reason that animals are beautiful
It is so we can see the purity of spirit that resides within them
And so they can fill us with inspiration
In which our hearts open to wonder and reverence
It is then, that we can access the Divine within us and within all of life
-Kim McElroy-


I would feel honoured to connect with your beloved animal.

With Love, Anne

Open Time: 
Monday - Sunday
Mobile (Will Travel)
Available After Hours
Gender Exclusive: 
5 - 10yr
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Humble Student of the Horse | since 1994
Chakra Healing with Essential Oils | 2019
Animal Communication | 2018 & 2019
Equine Fascia Release Apprenticeship | Apr - Aug 2018
Intuitive Healing for Animals | 2018
Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner | 2018
Masterson Method - Beyond Horse Massage | 2017
Equine Anatomy | 2017
Bowen Technique for Horses | 2013
TTouch for Horses | 2012
R 350 per session - includes shared feedback
A small travel fee will be added for treatments outside of the Cape Peninsula
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Fiona Burton's picture
Fiona Burton

A gift to horse and human

Anne has been working with Misty for the past couple of years. She provides a space of healing as well as a space where Misty may be heard. Over the time Anne has been connecting and 'working' with this beautiful horse in our lives, Misty has transformed and healed on different levels. Besides the physical shifts, I have seen her becoming both calmer and surer of herself. Anne connects with her with deep love and empathy. Initially it took Misty quite a while to drop into a relaxed mode, but over time as she experienced the deep healing, she reached the stage where, even as a highly alert lead mare, she is now able to immediately and completely surrender to healing sessions. Often sessions are accompanied by insights which Anne passes on to me, enhancing the understanding between Misty and myself. It is such a privilege to have this access to the wisdom of the horse. As I believe we should be attending to the welfare of our own bodies, minds and spirits on a regular basis, so I believe we should be providing that service to the horses in our lives who give so much, and so often are not heard or understood, sometimes suffering in silence simply because we humans are unaware. Anne's work has been an immense gift to both Misty and myself. I am so grateful for the work that she does. I firmly believe 'Equine Healing' can only deepen the relationship between horse and human. Thank you, Anne,
Cheyenne Williams's picture
Cheyenne Williams

Marvellously Magic!

As a competitive rider, one often does not think further than fitness, big match temperament, training, and physical health of the horse and rider. It's not always easy to comprehend the psychological and healing side of the horse past what you are taught over the years of standard competitive practice. Things seem set in stone and that's how it should be. Then my horse Daisy and I met Anne. Daisy and I have been together for 3 years, but due to having multiple freak accidents we were constantly being set back and struggling in the competitive world and often Daisy and I were not understanding each other. Regardless of that, I was taught to simply push through and make it work. I didnt know what to expect from Anne's treatments to begin with, but I guessed it wouldnt hurt? Not long into her seeing Daisy, I soon wholeheartedly referred to her as Daisy's therapist! Daisy had a place to express herself in ways I could never have understood without Anne's help. From a very complacent, meek horse, Daisy allowed her personality to blossom and she became more expressive which allowed me to comprehend how she was thinking and what she was feeling, which in turn, grew our relationship beautifully. Anne's treatments affected Daisy's body in ways I wouldnt have believed had I not seen it myself. From an underdeveloped, triangular bum, she began to build a more proper, rounded, stronger hindquarters. Her neck went from scrawny and thin to muscular and proud. One could argue that this is due to our training, but I know that I changed nothing in our training that could have contributed to the development of my horse so drastically. The way Anne uses her treatments to release muscle tension and psychological strain is truly something incomprehensible until you have experienced it yourself. Daisy became stronger in herself and in her body, and was taught ways in which to heal herself more effectively. I've been riding for 14 years and competing for 11, and I can honestly say I have not experienced such transformation in a horse with any treatment before in my life. Anne's intuition and keen sense of understanding is undoubtedly one of the main reasons Daisy and I are where we are now. From finding pain you didnt know was there, to understanding stressors for your horse that you wouldnt have guessed, to ensuring your saddle fits just right, Anne is a part of every journey you and your horse needs to take. Anne is passionate about what she does and her feedback is phenomenally detailed. Whether you're a competitive rider, a happy hacker, or somewhere in between - I believe someone like Anne is as essential to have on you and your horses team as your instructors, vet, farrier, saddle fitter, and dentist. Thank you Anne for your incredible help!
Joy Garman 's picture
Joy Garman

Horse healer

I asked Anne to come see my new horse, Luna, as she had become extremely anxious and was pacing incessantly. I was also battling to bond with her as I was still grieving the loss of my late horse. Shortly after Anne started working with Luna I saw her shifting. She started really "seeing" me instead if barging through me in her anxious state and the tightness in her body started softening. She started spending more and more time in a calm state. Luna started feeling 'heard' for the first time in her life. Now she is a transformed horse. She has completely come into her own and we have developed a very deep connection. Anne has helped me to move forward with Luna on the most amazing spiritual, equine journey. I have had horses in my life for almost 40 years but I have never experienced this side of the horse-human relationship so intensely. It truely is a gift and I believe any horse and owner will benefit profoundly from what Anne has to offer.

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