Kate Muller - International Animal Communicator can help with  in Cape Town
Kate Muller - International Animal Communicator
Cape Town
082 462 8598  www.katemuller.co.za
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Kate Muller - International Animal Communicator

LISTING > Animal Healing, Animal Healing  in Cape Town

Animal Healing
Animal Healing
Kate Muller - International Animal Communicator offers Animal Healing, Animal Healing in Cape Town

Distance telepathy and energy healing with animals.

I connect through photographs with animal/s followed by a Skype call for feedback with you.


People who share their lives with animals know in their souls that animals have feelings and thoughts too. I connect on a heart to heart level assisting with:

  • hearing her/ his reasons behind behavioural patterns to find healthy solutions,
  • receiving insight into health conditions,
  • generally getting to know each other on a deeper level
  • exploring the spiritual nature of your relationship,
  • sending and receiving messages from animals who have passed over,
  • supporting your animal to be truly who he/she is,
  • helping animals in transition like moving house or country.
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2 - 5yr
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Animal Talk Africa Academy with Wynter Worsthorne
Animal Communications: R900 and Coaching R500/hr please see website for details
Weekend Workshops: R1900


Furry Laughter & Wisdom

Dear Kate, having a chat with you and my animals (you know the entire furry family by now) is always so deeply insightful, magical and nothing short of wisdom. I come to realise that animals have the capacity to change lives, with their profound and connected view on things. And you have the ability to tap into this primal source of energy and communicate back to the humans. I love that your work is light and fun, despite the depths of the shared content. Thank you Kate for living your truth and sharing your gift with the world! *** I have also attended Kate's animal communication workshop and it has shifted my ability to tap into the animal wisdom with much more ease. Kate has a true gift of holding the space for all animals and their humans. A weekend spent with her is great fun and very nourishing. Much love, Anne
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Marcelle du Plessis

Kate if my doggie therapist and a human therapist too

I absolutely love working with Kate Muller and always advise people needing help with their pets to her. She has a wonderful ability to connect with your pets. They trust her immediately and open up to her. Many times there are some things I need help with where my pets are struggling behaviorally or emotionally. Kate always gets the information from them with their reasoning as well as what mom needs to change to help them. On that note, my pets always have something to say about how I live my life and the process is a great therapeutic learning process for me too. Kate has very successfully helped my Baloo and Maddie numerous times.

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